The Hardest Events to Securely Protect in the U.S.

Humans aren't the calmest group of mammals on Earth. Sure, we're pretty social - we show it on a regular basis by coming together for things like political conventions, sporting events, and orgies of competitive shopping (AKA Black Friday). But for every Super Bowl enjoyed by millions, there are thousands of people working event security to keep the wild hordes at least sort of civilized.

Of course, unruly crowd members aren't the only concern in the world; especially in today's world of armed lunatics and terrorists. For that reason, some event security can come to look and act decidedly military in nature. Sometimes, it is the actual military showing up in unmarked Suburbans, jet, or full on clown costumes. (Looking at you, Switzerland.)  But no matter what they wear, what they drive, or how they act, these brave men and women stand ready to protect humanity from itself. Check out the circumstances that call for security measures that go above and beyond retired old security guards.