The Best Hard Rock Christmas Albums

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From hard rock Christmas singles to complete hard rockin' Christmas records this list has all the mind melting cheer you're looking for this holiday season. We're like you, we don't like that soft fluffy seasonal noise that you hear at your local mall (or even on the radio) during the holidays; this list contains the real deal, bone shattering Christmas carols you're looking for. This is list has all of your favorite heavy metal and hard rock bands who have made Christmas albums, including A Twisted Christmas by Twisted Sister or the annual compilation of Kevin and Bean's Christmas songs all on one disc. 

Some of the biggest hard rockers and iconic metal bands of all time have made Christmas albums. Sometimes, these lead to surprising releases that get fans in the holiday spirit. Would you have ever expected former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland to release a collection of holiday songs?  Weiland and a slew of other artists are spreading the holiday cheer with these records, even if their interpretation of these songs isn't quite the traditional versions people were looking for. These are some of the biggest Christmas songs that have been hits all over the world

What are the best hard rock Christmas songs? These hard rock Christmas albums are made for one purpose (besides making a quick buck): to blow you speakers off this holiday season. We want to wish you a hard rockin, rough and tumble Christmas.
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