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The Hardest Songs to Play on Bass

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Even if you've been playing bass your whole life, some songs are still really difficult to perform perfectly. The top hard songs to play on bass come in many forms. Some hard bass songs to learn feature complex compositions while other hard bass songs to play feature intricate solos. Quite a few of the most difficult bass songs are by Les Claypool.

Which tunes will you find on this list of hard bass songs to learn? “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” by Primus has to be near the top. Beyond creative, Claypool created a bassline all his own with this 1991 jam. Flea is also one of the most talented rock bassists. His contributions to such Red Hot Chili Peppers songs as “Aeroplane” and “Soul to Squeeze” are also featured on this list.

When it comes to a complicated yet funky bassline, no one does it better than Bootsy Collins on Parliament's “Mothership Connection.” Other hard bass songs to play include “Maxwell Murder” by Rancid and “Hysteria” by Muse. Rock, punk, metal, funk - all sorts of bass-friendly genres are included on this list