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The 15 Most Insane Anime Training Sessions of All Time

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Even in anime, strength and skill don't appear out of the blue. In fact, many anime characters start off as weak or undisciplined and only reach their full potential later. How do characters like Vegeta, Guts, and Izuku Midoriya gain the strength they display? With some of the most intense training experiences of all time, that's how.

Training from hell scenes in anime are fascinating because they show the process of learning the skills that define the character undergoing them. These scenes also offer a great opportunity to develop relationships with mentors, as well as to show character growth over time. Sometimes the training sessions are brutal but humanly possible, as with Saitama's daily routine of doing 100 squats, 100 sit-ups, and 100 push-ups followed by 10km of running. At other times, they're only possible with superhuman strength - as with Vegeta's attempts to train in 450x the gravity he's used to. 

These training scenes will either inspire you to amp up your own workout or make you never want to move again. 

  • Izumi Curtis might look like a simple housewife, but she's a beast when it comes to training budding alchemists. After accepting two small children - Edward and Alphonse Elric - as her pupils, she immediately makes them survive on their own for a month on a desert island with only a knife and a proverb they were responsible for decoding. Later training involved a ton of physical violence when her students displeased her.

    The training she puts herself through is no less rigorous - Izumi once survived in the frigid wilderness for a month, all while fighting off angry bears.

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  • When Joseph and Caesar begin their training, they have to climb up a 20-foot pillar that's constantly coating itself in layers of vegetable oil. The pillar also has a crack in the middle that looks like a place to rest but is actually a switch that shoots oil into the face of anyone who touches it. While climbing, Joseph has to wear a mask that makes breathing - and therefore any level of physical activity - a whole lot more difficult. Once again, this is at the start of their training.

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    Izuku Midoriya Cleans A Beach And Breaks His Arms In 'My Hero Academia'

    Before Izuku Midoriya can take on All Might's incredible quirk, he has to improve his physical strength and stamina to the point where he can use it without tearing his body apart. To accomplish this, he's placed on a strict diet and exercise regimen that he isn't allowed to deviate from, which includes lifting heavy weights and cleaning up an entire beach covered in debris.

    Even after all that training, Izuku still injures himself - to the point of completely destroying his limbs - nearly every time he uses his quirk until he gets the hang of it.

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  • Saitama Is Stronger Than His Training Implies In 'One-Punch Man'
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    How did Saitama get to be powerful enough to take out any opponent - even a meteor - with a single punch? Though few people actually believe him, his true regimen is as follows: 10 km of running, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 100 push-ups per day, with no days off. While this doesn't sound as punishing as some of the more fantastical anime training sessions, it's also one of the more realistic ones - which makes it all the more painful to imagine.

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