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The 15 Most Insane Anime Training Sessions of All Time

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Even in anime, strength and skill don't appear out of the blue. In fact, many anime characters start off as weak or undisciplined and only reach their full potential later. How do characters like Vegeta, Guts, and Izuku Midoriya gain the strength they display? With some of the most intense training experiences of all time, that's how.

Training from hell scenes in anime are fascinating because they show the process of learning the skills that define the character undergoing them. These scenes also offer a great opportunity to develop relationships with mentors, as well as to show character growth over time. Sometimes the training sessions are brutal but humanly possible, as with Saitama's daily routine of doing 100 squats, 100 sit-ups, and 100 push-ups followed by 10km of running. At other times, they're only possible with superhuman strength - as with Vegeta's attempts to train in 450x the gravity he's used to. 

These training scenes will either inspire you to amp up your own workout or make you never want to move again. 

  • Vegeta is serious about his goal to surpass his rival Goku. When he realizes that Goku has been able to achieve the Super Saiyan state that he himself has yet to unlock, he undergoes intense training at 450x normal gravity in order to dramatically increase the effectiveness of his workouts. This process makes him so strong that he's able to survive a meteor shower, but his failure to actually allow himself time to recover ultimately stunts his physical potential.

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    Isaac Netero Trains For 50 Years In 'Hunter X Hunter'

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    A lot of people in Hunter X Hunter undergo rigorous training, but few of them literally train for 50 years straight. Already at the peak of his physical abilities, Netero wanted to show gratitude by throwing 10,000 punches a day. At first it took him nearly the entire day to finish, but after years of punching he could eventually finish the drill in an hour or two. This allowed him to unlock a ridiculously strong ability we see him use against Meruem during their fight.

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  • While some anime compress the training arc into one or two episodes, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple makes a whole show about it. Kenichi is trying to create his own fighting style by combining a variety of established martial arts - but to do that, he has to endure some serious training. This training includes being locked in a dark cave filled with hidden traps and no food for days on end, jumping from a 100m high cliff, doing sit-ups while hanging from a bar that's suspended over a fire, and enduring literal torture machines. Despite all this, he somehow doesn't give up.

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    Guts begins training as a mercenary when he's six years old, under the tutelage of his abusive adoptive father Gambino. The training involves using a sword that's literally twice the size of the poor kids' body - a practice that he continues into adulthood. While the training itself is harsh, what's even worse is how Gambino treats him outside of the training, which includes everything from beatings to forcing him to sell his body.

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