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The Hardest Video Games To Complete

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Video games are supposed to be hard. That's the whole point. Why play a game you can just breeze through in a few hours. The best video games should be challenging and engaging. But sometimes a game comes along that is nearly impossible to complete. What are the most difficult video games to beat? Vote up the hardest games to complete below.

Why would these video game developers make a game that's near-impossible to defeat? These games spank you seven ways from Sunday, making you wonder why you ever played them at all. Of course then you restart and go at it all over again. One of the games on this list was so tricky and hard to complete that Nintendo execs didn't even release it in America.

Vote up the games that broke controllers, shattered televisions, and ruined childhoods. The hardest video games that were more than just a challenge - they were games that were almost impossible to beat.
  • Photo: flickr / CC0
    Another game legendary for it's simultaneous difficulty and fun, Castlevania seemed to find all your weaknesses in every moment and exploit them. It's hard to explain just how hard Castlevania is and why, but play it and you'll quickly see.
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  • Well let's just say that every Mega Man after (and there are many) added things to make gameplay easier. Every cool upgrade was really only relevant towards one specific boss. The jumping modes were merciless and since you couldn't save, all those barely won victories had to be redone every single time.
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  • Why it was hard: Early opponents were super fast and hard enough (though they had a prettyy conspicuous X on their weak spots). Once you got to the big boss - Mike Tyson - it was near impossible. Your punches did practically nothing to him and HIS punches ended the fight. You'd have to dodge every one of his blows and land dozens of your own.
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  • Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Not only are you fighting endless hordes of your enemies, you must also satiate your blade, or IT will kill you. This means no rest, no pacing yourself, CONSTANT fury, and fighting through the whole game.
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