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The Hardest Languages to Learn

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List RulesList of the hardest foreign languages to learn.

What is the hardest language to learn? It depends, but there are several foreign languages that can be extremely difficult to master. They include several of the Asian languages (particularly Mandarin), and some of the slavic languages as well. This list includes some of the most difficult foreign languages to learn, so be sure to vote for those that you think would be the most challenging -- and vote down the languages that you don't believe are truly that difficult to grasp. Also, if any foreign language that you think is particularly tough to master is missing, add it!

What makes learning a specific language difficult? Some of the factors that make a foreign language tough to learn include how hard it is to speak and pronounce (correctly) and how hard it is to write. Word cases are important, too: Some languages have dozens of different word cases, making it almost impossible to keep track. And keep in mind, what comes easy to some might be extremely tough for others. Learning English as a second language can be very, very hard, depending on your native tongue.

If you're thinking about learning your first foreign language, you might consider checking out this list of the easiest languages to learn. It includes some of the best languages to learn, including Spanish, Italian and French. Enjoy! Jouir! Godere! Élvez! (That last one is Hungarian, and it's really, really hard to learn).
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List Rules: List of the hardest foreign languages to learn.