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15 PS4 Games That Are So Hard They’ll Make You Want To Chuck Your Controller

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Ever wondered what are the hardest games on the PS4? Creating a video game is no easy task, as developers constantly need to toe the line between making a game challenging but also keeping it fun. For a game to work, it has to be just the right level of challenging — obviously difficult enough to make players feel a sense of accomplishment, but not so difficult that it becomes a chore to play. 

Unfortunately, finding the right balance is no easy task. That's not to say a difficult game isn't good or fun to play: challenging games are often classics on any given system. There have been plenty of difficult PlayStation games over the years, but these are the hardest PS4 games of the bunch.

From seeking revenge in Sekiro to chopping down your enemies in Dark Souls III (which is a notoriously difficult franchise), check out some of the hardest popular games to ever grace (or curse, depending on how you see it) the PlayStation 4. How many of these bad boys have you beaten?

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  • Photo: Team Meat

    With a name like Super Meat Boy, you know you’re in for an adventure. As one of the most popular platformers in recent years, gamers take control of a cube-eque character named Meat Boy who’s determined to track down his girlfriend, who was captured by an intelligent fetus named — you guessed it — Dr. Fetus.

    What Makes It So Hard: For starters, Super Meat Boy's fine-tuned controls mean there’s very little room for error. Timing means everything, and precision is key. That said, the game also has its own unique gameplay mechanics that, for most players, takes a while to get used to. One of the game’s co-creators actually went into detail as to why (and how) they made the game so hard.

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      Alien: Isolation

      Photo: Creative Assembly

      Games based on the Alien franchise have been hit or miss since the first film hit theaters in the late 1970s, but every once in a while, a good one slips through. Alien: Isolation is as close as any developer has gotten to putting players into the role of someone being mercilessly hunted by a Xenomorph, and despite being an amazing achievement in gameplay design, it's horribly frightening to play.

      What Makes It So Hard: The whole point of this game is to survive, and the only way you can do that is by avoiding the titular monster throughout gameplay. You have very little in terms of weapons or defenses, so imagine being hunted by one of these things in dark and frightening places. It's insanely hard to avoid a monster bred for its ability to track you down and kill you, so the difficulty coupled with the constant state of fear and paranoia makes it almost impossible to play this game well.

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        Darkest Dungeon

        Photo: Red Hook Studios

        This acclaimed role-playing dungeon crawler lets players amass a team of explorers as they explore eerie dungeons filled with nefarious creatures and lots and lots of booby traps. Players can recruit heroes and use a range of skills

        What Makes It So Hard: Dungeon crawlers are difficult by nature, but Darkest Dungeon turns the difficulty level up a notch by adding more traps, more enemies, and a slowly dimming torchlight you need to watch out for.  This really isn’t a game you can walk into blindly, as preparation is one of the game’s most important elements. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare yourself for what’s in store is key, as this isn’t a game you can fake your way through. Additionally, the game features a few different difficulty levels that help add replay value.

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        • Photo: Activision

          If Mario is the mascot for Nintendo and Sonic is the same for Sega, Crash Bandicoot could take the honor as the digital representative of the earliest days of PlayStation gaming. The series follows the titular bandicoot as he runs, jumps, tumbles, and flips over a wide variety of obstacles in various 3D environments, and he has a ton of fans. He made his way onto the PS4 via a new trilogy of remastered games, and the nostalgia may have made a few gamers forget just how hard it was to beat a Crash Bandicoot game.

          What Makes It So Hard: These are remastered games, but all of the original obstacles remain as the same, if not more difficult. In fact, Activision actually admitted that they purposely made these remasters harder than the originals by tweaking the way Crash jumps, making those challenges a bit more...challenging. There are places that are so hard to get through, players must time everything perfectly, and in rapid succession, or there is no way they can make it through to the end. There is a ton of repetition in running and jumping over obstacles, which require a massive amount of button-mashing, so be prepared to have some sore thumbs by the time you finish playing through Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

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