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15 PS4 Games That Are So Hard They’ll Make You Want To Chuck Your Controller

Updated 3 Aug 2020 3.9k votes 1.0k voters 85.8k views15 items

Ever wondered what are the hardest games on the PS4? Creating a video game is no easy task, as developers constantly need to toe the line between making a game challenging but also keeping it fun. For a game to work, it has to be just the right level of challenging — obviously difficult enough to make players feel a sense of accomplishment, but not so difficult that it becomes a chore to play. 

Unfortunately, finding the right balance is no easy task. That's not to say a difficult game isn't good or fun to play: challenging games are often classics on any given system. There have been plenty of difficult PlayStation games over the years, but these are the hardest PS4 games of the bunch.

From seeking revenge in Sekiro to chopping down your enemies in Dark Souls III (which is a notoriously difficult franchise), check out some of the hardest popular games to ever grace (or curse, depending on how you see it) the PlayStation 4. How many of these bad boys have you beaten?

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