The Hardest Songs to Play on Guitar

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Some of the hardest songs to play on guitar are those with crazy solos, difficult chords, and perhaps quick tempos. Whatever it is, these types of advanced songs can truly test your skills on the guitar, but they can also help you improve your playing style and ultimately teach you some new tricks. So, whether you want to show your neighbors you do have what it takes to be the next Jimmy Page, or you just want to step inside the shoes of guitar great Stevie Ray Vaughan, you can try learning these difficult songs and otherwise tasty licks.

Of course, the toughest songs to learn on guitar come from some of the best and most renown guitar players in music. Songs like "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits or Jeff Beck's "A Day in the Life" have proven to be some of the hardest songs to play, but that's not to say you shouldn't try. Again, trying your hand at playing some of these expert guitar songs will only expand your skills, or even give you new ideas for coming up with your own riffs. Regardless, these are some of the most difficult guitar songs to learn.

If you're ready for the ultimate test on guitar, try out some of the songs below. Then, you can vote up the songs you think are hardest to play, and vote down any that were easier to pick up. Cast your votes below and feel free to add more tough songs to the list. 

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