The Hardest Video Games Of All Time

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List of the Hardest Video Games ever made. We all love challenging video games. Games that make us have to work hard to get to the satisfying finish. Which video games are the hardest to beat? Every once in awhile though a game is made that is so difficult it seems like the creators didn't want the player to be able to beat it. Difficult video games used to be closer to the norm back when Nintendo's NES was popular. Most video games were so hard that you couldn't really finish them without cheating in some way. Games like Contra, Battletoads and Ghosts N' Ghouls are the stand outs for that.

As the years have gone on though, video games have become more and more easy, so when a new era game comes out that is as hard to beat as one of the old school games it's not hard to single them out. These are games like Super Meat Boy, Demon's Souls and Ninja Gaiden Black. 

All these difficult games to beat are frustrating as hell, but in the end, if you were ever able to beat them you could feel like a king among men.

So, which is the hardest video game ever? Vote up the most frustrating games to beat and be sure to check out the hardest games of 2022!

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