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Seriously Clever Easter Eggs From DC Universe's 'Harley Quinn'

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Now available to stream on HBO Max, DC Universe's Harley Quinn is one of the most inventive animated superhero series out there. Backed with a incredible voice cast, Harley and her crew of Poison Ivy, Clayface, King Shark, and Dr. Psycho are set on taking over Gotham. In doing so, a lot of Easter eggs have been uncovered, background gags revealed, and small details that'll change your perception of the series unearthed.

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    Joker Killing Jason Todd Is Canon

    In a flashback sequence, the audience gets to see the first meeting between Dr. Harleen Quinzel and Joker. Batman brings him in and interrogates him about a rogue bomb the only way he knows how, with his fists, of course. Joker answers, "Why don't you ask Robin? Oh, wait. Jason Todd is dead, that's right, because I killed him."

    This quick line makes this tragic comic arc canon in Harley Quinn.

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    The Suicide Squad Keeps Trying To Recruit Harley

    Early in Season 1, Harley's crew gets a package full of Suicide Squad merchandise. King Shark asks if it's their new name, but Harley responds, "Ugh, it's a group that keeps trying to get me to join." They do wear the shirts the entire episode, though. 

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    Adam West's Shark Repellent Comes Back

    In Batman: The Movie (1966), Adam West as Batman heroically goes head-to-head with a shark, and comes out victorious by using a spray can of "Shark Repellent." This handy invention makes another round in Season 1 of Harley Quinn, when Batman uses it on a ferocious King Shark. 

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    Wonder Woman Eats Her Own Cereal And Wears Her Own Merch

    In Season 1, the audience gets a glimpse at superheroes in their daily lives. When a fight breaks out between Harley and Batman on live television, Wonder Woman is shown, jaw dropped, full-on milk mustache, eating from her own brand of cereal, Wonder-O's. Not only that, but she's wearing her own merch. 

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