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Seriously Clever Easter Eggs From DC Universe's 'Harley Quinn'

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Now available to stream on HBO Max, DC Universe's Harley Quinn is one of the most inventive animated superhero series out there. Backed with a incredible voice cast, Harley and her crew of Poison Ivy, Clayface, King Shark, and Dr. Psycho are set on taking over Gotham. In doing so, a lot of Easter eggs have been uncovered, background gags revealed, and small details that'll change your perception of the series unearthed.

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    Harley's Past As A Gymnast

    It's no secret Harley used to be a gymnast, before she even became a doctor. Her flexibility and gymnastics skills faired well in the comics, as she's light on her feet and able to (literally) do backflips over her enemies. In a flashback in Harley Quinn, the audience sees this side of Harley, as she was apparently good enough to compete in the Olympics. 

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    Joker References "The Killing Joke" Arc

    In Harley Quinn, Joker says he paralyzed Police Commissioner Gordon's partner and is now seeking revenge. This isn't exactly what happens in the comic Batman: The Killing Joke, but it's extremely close. In the comic, Joker paralyzes Gordon's daughter, Barbara Gordon. Either way, Joker paralyzing someone close to Gordon is most certainly canon. 

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    Two Holiday Based Villains Have A Chat In The Legion Of Doom

    Solomon Grundy and Calendar Man are seen having a conversation at the Legion of Doom in an episode of Harley Quinn. Grundy and Calendar Man are both holiday or time based villains. In the comics, Grundy strikes on holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Calendar Man is also known for committing crimes on holidays or other significant dates. They probably have a lot to coordinate.

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    Bane's Petty Reason For Blowing Up Gotham Stadium

    One of the best parts about Harley Quinn is Bane. The design is straight out of The Dark Knight Rises, and the only thing on his mind is blowing stuff up. The smoothie guy who gets his name wrong? Blow him up. Insulted at a party? Blow it up. And apparently, he only blew up that stadium in The Dark Knight Rises because it was an answer to a trivia question he got wrong.

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