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12 Harley Quinn Fan Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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In the past few years, Harley Quinn has quickly become one of the most-talked-about characters in the DCEU. The manic character of Harley Quinn has been featured heavily in the films Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, has become ridiculously popular at Comic-Con, and even spawned an animated series named after her. 

Although some fans may feel there isn't anything they don't know about Joker's female counterpart, these Harley Quinn fan theories may surprise even the most dedicated viewers. Check the theories out below and don't forget to vote.

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    Harley Was Pregnant In 'Suicide Squad' 

    Photo: Suicide Squad / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Most DCEU fans can agree that David Ayer's Suicide Squad was not a high point for the film universe. While Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was a fleeting positive aspect in the mess of a movie, Redditor u/pharoah4187 believes that a plot point involving a pregnant Harley was cut from the theatrical version of the film, making it less cohesive than it could have been:

    I have the following arc in my head:

    The Joker and Harley Quinn have their usual abusive relationship, detailed in a few scenes that were removed, because WB doesn't want to release a movie that has domestic abuse as a plot point (after all... #squadgoals was used in the marketing, and Joker/Harley is something of an idealized relationship by mainstream audiences who don't know any better). Harley reveals to The Joker that she's pregnant, resulting in them celebrating (the scene where Batman ruins Date Night). The Joker is happy, and Harley is happy that she was finally able to please her Puddin.

    Pick up later, after Harley is left for dead at the bottom of Gotham River (folded over the windshield, like she was) and she discovers that she had a miscarriage as a result of the accident (or Batman knocking her unconscious). Maybe throw in a line about how The Joker took something from Batman (referencing the shots from BvS that implicated The Joker), and he's going to repay the favor. In context, he obviously means taking Harley because he doesn't know about the pregnancy. She, however, blames Batman for her miscarriage, because he straight up told her that he's taking something away from The Joker.

    The Joker has no way of knowing about the miscarriage because of Harley's incarceration. The Joker, not knowing that Harley was no longer pregnant with his child, sets about this plan of springing Harley during her mission so that she can give birth to his child and he can claim what's his (Scene with the knives and the baby clothes by the piano). The knives are, probably, because he plans to cut the baby out of Harley and leave her for dead.

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    Harley Has Split Personalities Based On Her Accents

    Photo: Birds Of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Harley Quinn doesn't always sound exactly the same every time she's depicted on-screen in any capacity. Redditor u/1wildebeest seems to believe that Joker is the actual reason for this occurrence:

    I believe that the reason Margot Robbie, an actress that has used a New York accent numerous times is not shown using it in the trailer comes her not being under the Joker's control. Any time the character Harley Quinn has been shown on screen other than this movie, she had been supporting the Joker and maintained her accent. From this I believe that she will turn on the rest of the Suicide Squad and join the Joker but first allude to her changing sides by putting on the accent Harley Quinn is known for.

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    Joker Never Wanted Her To Become Harley Quinn

    Photo: Suicide Squad / Warner Bros. Pictures

    While Joker and Harley Quinn are most likely the most popular comic book couple around, there's a theory that has circulated around the internet which questions the basis of their entire relationship. Mainly based on evidence found in Batman: The Animated Series, Redditor u/CapriciousSalmon believes that Joker only wanted to trick Harley into falling in love with him, and he now is sort of stuck in a relationship with her because she is a little bit nuttier than he initially assumed:

    Let me explain: he didn’t want her to become Harley Quinn. He wanted to manipulate her into falling in love with him however, so he could get special privileges and have an unwitting ally. Just he didn’t want her to become the Harley Quinn we all know and love. Harley was just that crazy.

    Think about it:

    He never implies to her he wants her to become Harley Quinn his sidekick. He just said that she should go by Harley Quinn because it was a cute name he liked, not unlike how friends usually give each other nicknames.

    Also, Harley, as the comic based on "Mad Love" implies, went to Arkham specifically to become the next doctor Phil. Or maybe she just really liked crazy inmates. I view it as both, kinda like an orange is the new black scenario where you’re stuck in a situation but that doesn’t mean you can’t write a book on your experience and make money off of it. She was a right out of college type of gal, and chances are she probably never had a boyfriend, beyond a fling or two.

    Joker figured she was easy to manipulate. She probably had no friends beyond Leland, if you can even call her that.

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    The 'Harley Quinn' Series Has An Unreliable Narrator

    Photo: Harley Quinn / HBO Max

    The world of HBO Max's animated series, Harley Quinn, is unlike anything depicted in the DC universe before. Redditor u/Mozorelo believes that this is because the show is shown through the eyes of someone who is hallucinating after being doused with Joker acid:

    The new Harley Quinn animated series is supposed to be funny but the world it takes place in is a little nonsensical. Nobody seems to age (everyone looks the same in memories from 30 years ago as they do today), death is a very casual topic for everyone ( citizens are ok with their loved ones dying right in front of them), gore is extremely exaggerated and everyone notices (oh that's a strong bullet, I did not know her head was going to pop off), the good guys are the ones emotionally disturbed (batman, superman and Gordon are evidently unhinged), details of the world change all the time and get more extreme as the series progresses(Harely highway changes from a regular urban highway to a pink car track looping around the rooftops of the city), TV shows regularly partake in villainous acts, evil just has a spot in the world (permits, taxes, dues) and finally Gotham is really clean, golden and glitzy.

    We could say that this is just an elseworld centered on Harley but this really looks like one big joke. The world is one big joke. Where have we heard that before? Everyone dunked in the Joker acid seems to say that. This is the world as seen through someone affected by the acid that made Harley and Joker. We're seeing the regular batman world through the eyes of Harley and she's a completely unreliable narrator.

    There isn't suddenly a huge statue of her in the middle of Gotham that she shoots a rocket at to stop the bad guys. She just sees it that way. She shoots a rocket at a regular building or statue to stop the truck. The whole series is set in this joke world because that's the world she sees all the time where it's no biggie to kill a man's girlfriend right in front of him and Gordon is clearly sexually frustrated.

    TLDR: the joke world of Harley Quinn is the regular world seen through the lens of a permanent joker-acid trip and you can't trust the narrative.

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