22 'Harmless' Things Men Do That Actually High-Key Annoy Women

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The people of Reddit are discussing the most seemingly "harmless" things that men do that actually make women annoyed and the answers are shocking! Read on to see if you relate to any of these scenarios, or maybe learn something new!

  • 1. Don't Talk Over Us

    From Redditor u/24_monkeys:

    Talking over us. There is a guy in my history class who constantly interrupts me just to repeat what I’ve already said with bigger words that he’s using wrong. The teacher lets him do it and loves having him in class. Also anytime the teacher asks something about life (for example would you still eat chicken if you had to [end] it yourself) he goes “Girls? Would you?” acting like it would be more difficult for us.

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  • 2. Do Not TOUCH

    From Redditor u/theswamphag:

    At my former job, I worked with a lot of volunteers, so people were very familiar with each other. That was fine, but the amount of men who wanted to rub my shoulders without asking was insane. Why, why would you just grab people you don't really know like that? And keep trying to do it after I tell you I don't like it?

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  • 3. You're Definitely Not The Nice Guy

    From Redditor u/missmatchedsocks88:

    “Don’t be like that! I’m a nice guy.” The Nice Guy says after he asks for favors.

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  • 4. Back At You, Bud

    From Redditor u/Smartwentcrazy89:

    Once had a guy in college tell me I’d be really hot if I put some effort in the morning. 8 am class and I was a bartender with a bf. 100% dgaf about trying to turn you on bro.

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  • 5. Or Maybe We Just Don't Like You

    From Redditor u/Lawgics:

    Saying "it must be that time of the month."

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  • 6. No Thanks, Gramps

    From Redditor u/crochet4cptsd:

    At my old job I once had a "customer" old enough to be my grandfather come up to my desk and interrupt me putting in an order for another customer. He didn't want to buy anything, but starts off with "I want you to know you're very beautiful." I was just like... Okay? Thanks? Thinking to myself maybe he's just oblivious and I remind him of his grandkid or something. But he continued... "But I just want you to know that your hair and the way you dress doesn't look good on you at all. You need to try something different. You'd better look better for me next time I'm here."

    I paused what I was doing, stared through his soul, and replied "No thank you." Then went back to my work and ignored him. He suddenly looks furious "Oh! I guess you're mad now! Great!" I told him in my best retail voice that I was working on an order for another customer, and if he wished to purchase something he could go to my boss's desk because she wasn't working on an order at the moment.

    Dude was totally oblivious to the fact that not only had he sexually harassed me, he had also threatened me. What if I don't look "better" next time? What you gonna do? Not date me? Not kidnap me? Throw a tantrum in the middle of the store because you don't get hard looking at someone a third of your age? He then tried to tell my boss I was [angry] for no reason. She was none too happy when I informed her what he'd ACTUALLY said.

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