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The Most Harmless TV Heartthrobs

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List RulesVote up the gorgeous tv heartthrobs who just have, like, NO edge to them.

We all have those crushes on hotties who are just no good for us - your McSteamys, or your Skye Johnsons, or your Spongebobs - but we deserve better. Where are the harmless TV heartthrobs you could bring home to meet your parents? They're all around, actually; you just need to know where to look. Everybody gets so hung up on the bad boys that they don't notice the sweetheart holding back the vomiting girl's hair at the end of the night.

But no more! Today we celebrate the good guys and the sweet girls who won't stomp on your heart. The ones that will treat you right and never give you reason to rue the day you set eyes on them.

While some of these are super creepy in retrospect because they were children at the height of their heartthrobbiness, try to transport yourself back to your childhood so you can see it through a more appropriate lens. Without further ado, here are some dreamy TV characters who are also good people. Be warned, there's actually a spoiler in here for The Flash Season 3, be aware. 

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