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17 Things You Didn't Know About Harriet Tubman

Updated 27 Mar 2020 112.7k views17 items

The biography of Harriet Tubman reads less like a stodgy figure from the past and more like a modern action hero. Far from just being a "conductor" on the network of safe houses called the Underground Railroad, Tubman was a spy, a commando, a nurse, and an activist. She led a raid on a Confederate stronghold, threatened to shoot slaves who tried to return to their plantations, and even suffered injury when she stood up for herself.

Beyond that, the facts about Harriet Tubman constantly surprise. She had to fight for survival and was far from universally admired in her time. Despite a crippling head injury, being illiterate, and struggling with poverty her whole life, she made an outsized mark on history.

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