'Harry Potter' Fans Are Pointing Out Their Favorite Theories About Harry And Hermione

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While the Golden Trio together is consistently one of the best parts of the series, fans have come up with a number of theories about just Harry and Hermione that will make anyone who prefered them to Ron and Hermione smile wide.


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    The Locket Affected Harry And Hermione More Than Ron

    From Redditor u/obsesswithromione:

    It’s a common reading of DH that Ron was simply more vulnerable to the locket than Harry or Hermione because of his insecurities, that the locket targeted Ron for his weaknesses. Obviously, the locket’s torture of Ron was particularly nasty. It tapped into all his worst fears and self doubts. The locket’s attack on Ron was by far the most explicit. But I think we’ve been ignoring the obvious way that the locket targeted Hermione and Harry. It eliminated their greatest source of comfort and hope: Ron.

    The locket sees into your heart, your fears, your desires. I think that locket could see that Ron’s loyalty, his support, his lightness and humor, his love were things that Harry and Hermione relied on, both individually, and as a friendship unit. The easiest way to bring down Harry and Hermione was to get rid of Ron.

    And it worked. Ron’s departure destabilized the team and put the mission at great risk. There was no forward movement at all on the Horcrux hunt while he was gone. They walked into a fairly obvious trap and nearly died for it. Harry and Hermione’s friendship, which to this point had been been one of the most consistent throughout the entire series, withered without Ron. They were both brought to their lowest moments, each wallowing in their own personal misery, feeling hopeless and getting more and more isolated from each other. This wasn’t by accident, but by design.

    Read the full theory here.

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    Crookshanks Belonged To Harry's Mom Before Hermione

    From Redditor u/RoseTheOdd:

    Crookshanks was the Potters' cat.

    He's half kneazle, so he lives for a long time, and it would explain how easily he knew and trusted Sirius (a big black scary dog most cats would likely run a mile from) as well as his also knowing and hating scabbers. It was deeper than just a 'cat chases rat' thing.

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    Hermione – And Harry To An Extent – Are Smart Because They Had Muggle Education

    From Redditor u/Gay_Genius:

    I’ve just finish all the Harry Potter books. I was thinking about wizarding education.

    I think Hermione is so smart because she is muggle born. I’m sure she is just naturally intelligent too, but I think a big factor is that until she was 11 she had a good muggle education(And smart loving well of parents). Well an education in general. The same with Harry, but obviously didn’t get as good of an education/his guardians were terrible humans. But he can at least write his own name. Unlike Ron.

    Ron’s parents are both witches and wizards and he is freakishly uneducated. Like stated above, it’s implied that he can’t spell his own name. I understand that Ron is also gifted in the exact opposite way Hermione is but it really seems like he isn’t the only wizard that is lacking in some basic human skills. It doesn’t really seem like witches and wizards have much in the way of education before they are eleven other than what their parents may or may not teach them.

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    Harry And Hermione Argued Differently Than Ron And Hermione

    From Redditor u/deleted:

    Harry and Hermione never had a real fights - at least not in the way she and Ron did. 

    Sure, sometimes Harry and Hermione got angry with each other, but it was only due to stresses and arguments about real things which were important.

    Harry and Hermione resolved their arguments and generally respected each others’ point of view the way that people who truly appreciate each other do. They either reached some sort of compromise, or gave the other the benefit of doubt. They never insulted each other.

    Even when Harry didn’t always voice it or was angry about something, he nearly always respected Hermione’s perspective.

    This is just one example of many in regards to the sort of argument in which Harry understood and actually respected Hermione’s intent. And this about the only major fight they had in the series

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    Hermione Spent So Much Time At Grimmauld Place With Harry Or The Burrow With Ron Because She Erased Her Parents' Memories Of Her Early

    From Redditor u/Meear:

    The saddest one I've heard is that Hermione modified her parents' memories over Christmas in OotP (rather than just before DH starts, as is commonly assumed), which is why she broke off her skiing holiday to come to Grimmauld Place instead. Hermione never does go home after this (that we know of), spending every holiday after that point with Harry and Ron.

    I quite like this theory, as it goes some way to tying up the 'how would the neighbours react to Mr. and Mrs. Granger forgetting their daughter' type plot holes if the whole family just never came back from their holiday. Still very sad for Hermione though, if she had to live with what she'd done for two years before she felt she could tell Harry and Ron.

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    Harry And Hermione Both Made Sense In Other Houses

    From Redditor u/ElephantErik:

    We all know that Harry had fitting qualities to place him into Slytherin, but he instead chose to go to Gryffindor where he could be with his new friends.

    Hermione is probably the smartest student of her class and really should have been a Ravenclaw. We don't know if she desired to be in Gryffindor to be close to Ron and Harry, or perhaps she wanted to be in the house where the founder fought for muggle-born wizards. This wouldn't be beyond her knowledge at this point.

    I like to think of this as somewhat poetic that the sorting hat took strong candidates from 3 very different houses and placed them into the same house by their own choice or even because they new each other and would be the best fit for all of them. If there is any evidence to dispute any of this.

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