There's A Harry Potter Themed Animal Shelter Called "Pawgwarts" And It's Better Than Any Hogwarts

The final Harry Potter book was released in 2007, but cultural fascination and appreciation of all things Potter forges strongly ahead. And what's possibly the only thing in the world better than Harry Potter? That's right: DOGS! Those two subjects are adorably combined at a Harry Potter themed animal shelter, called, wonderfully, Pawgwarts Shelter. Bringing some magic to these pets' lives is not only entertaining, but tremendously valuable to the animals.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando came up with the idea for Pawgwarts in order to boost pet adoption. In the United States alone, 3.3 million dogs are placed in shelters every year, and despite the disturbingly high rates of homeless animals, 34% of all dog-buyers still purchase from breeders. The Pet Alliance knew they had to do something to help get the pooches in their care adopted. That's when staff members came up with the idea of sorting dogs in Harry Potter houses, just as Harry and his classmates were sorted when they arrived at Hogwarts. The results have not only generated publicity, they've generated a spike in adoption rates.