'Harry Potter' Fans Reveal Interesting Fan Theories About The Sisters Of The Black Family

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The Black family is one of the most tragic in all of the Harry Potter mythology but most people think about Sirius' untimely demise when they think of them. The real tragedy comes from the Black family sisters – Andromeda, Narcissa, and Bellatrix – and these fan theories only make them more tragic.

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    Narcissa Never Cared About Voldemort's Plan

    From Redditor u/Langlie:

    On Narcissa Malfoy...

    I've always thought of her as being 100% about appearances. She doesn't care a whit about someone's blood so long as they act like a pureblood. She doesn't care if someone grew up poor just so long as they act like they come from money. She doesn't care about Voldemort's cause except that she knows it will put her family in a good light when he wins. The only things she truly cares about are her husband and son.

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    Bellatrix Is Far Worse Than Voldemort

    From Redditor u/Nyxaus_Motts:

    I have always thought Bellatrix LeStrange seemed more dangerous than Voldemort. Sure Voldemort is stronger than Bellatrix but he always seemed to flat out kill people where as Bellatrix, forgive the expression, likes to play with her food. I just think given the choice between murder and drawn out torture Voldemort will choose murder because it is simply a means to an end. Bellatrix on the other hand seems to genuinely enjoy what she does to a fanatical degree, even if it doesn't result in anything. Does this make since to anyone else?


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    Bellatrix Is Not Legally Insane

    From Redditor u/ConsiderableHat:

    She's not legally insane: she fully understands the nature and quality of her actions.

    She doesn't come off as mentally ill much, either; gleefully murderous, cheerfully violent, bigoted even by the prevailing standards of bigotry and fanatically devoted to Voldemort. You might make a case for a touch of hypomania when she's got the prospect of a fight in front of her, but that could just be an attempt to provoke her opponent to get a fight going. (The desire to get in a fight could also be suicidal ideation, something like the warrior-culture ideal of seeking a beautiful death. Which makes it entirely appropriate that she gets surprise-ganked by a maternally outraged housewife.)

    She's entirely rational, just reasoning from absurd premises to morally objectionable conclusions.

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    Narcissa And Draco Were Meant To Defy Voldemort

    From Tumblr user shakclebolt:

    So you know how Black family members were specifically supposed to have dark hair and dark eyes… like Bellatrix and Walburga and Orion. Well, here’s a new piece of info you may or may not know… Narcissa, Andromeda, Sirius, and (maybe even) Regulus only had one or neither of these traits. Narcissa had blonde hair and blue eyes (extending down to her son Draco), Andromeda had light brown hair and light brown eyes, Sirius had dark hair and gray eyes, and Regulus had dark hair and there is a lot of evidence that he had gray eyes (Tom Moorcroft, the actor who portrays him in the photograph, has gray/light blue eyes).

    Okay, so notice how these characters are all ones who defied Voldemort/went against their family’s pure-blood values. Coincidence? I think not. I believe that all of them were portrayed with lighter eyes and hair because they were different from their family members. They weren’t dark wizards and pure-blood fanatics–in the end–like the rest of their family. They fought and stopped fighting to save those that they love.

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    Narcissa Malfoy Is Gellert Grindelwald's Granddaugter

    From Redditor u/hereforthememes161:

    I have heard a while ago that some people were convinced that Narcissa Malfoy had to be an illegitimate child because her blonde hair does not at all match all the other Black family members who have... well black hair. So I did some research and on the (German) Harry Potter Fan Wiki it said, that her mother was Druella Black, who was born a Rosier. There’s no information about her parents but (judging by the name) she could be the daughter of Vinda Rosier - the woman living with Grindelwald in Paris. So could it be possible that Narcissa is the granddaughter of Grindelwald? That would explain her blonde hair (recessive Genes skip a generation a lot of times and then have a 50:50 chance of appearing which fits 1/3 daughters getting it, blonde hair is nearly always recessive) and fit into the timeline. Does anyone else think this could be possible?

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    Bellatrix Was Bested By Molly Weasley Because She Wasn't Used To Fighting Someone Willing To Kill Her

    From Redditor u/ArguingPizza:

    Part of the explanation may be that Bellatrix was unused to fighting someone who was also willing to use the Killing Curse. Now, in the books it doesn't specifically name the curse that Molly uses to kill Bellatrix, referring to it simply as 'a curse' but it strikes Bellatrix in the chest and kills her almost instantaneously, so it is possible. Additionally, Bella was having so much fun taunting Molly that she got sloppy, and this caused her to slip up and let a curse slip past. Remember, Bellatrix is insane, and this is one of the few times we see her where that weakness comes through in battle.

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