12 Moments From The Harry Potter Books That You Probably Forgot Happened

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Books as big as the ones in the Harry Potter series can't always be perfectly adapted to the screen which means a lot of scenes don't end up in the final product. These Redditors were pointing out some of their favorite book moments that are often forgotten about because they weren't in the movies.

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    McGonagall Helped Peeves Torment Umbridge

    From Redditor u/ixveria_:

    My favourite minute detail has to be in book 5 when Peeves is trying to drop a chandelier on Umbridge and professor McGonagall tips him off that 'it unscrews the other way.' Brings me so much joy.

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    Ron Gets Deeply Scarred During The Fight At The Ministry

    From Redditor u/Stunning_Rabbit4796:

    Ron had deep scarring from the brains after the fight [at the Ministry], I feel like people often forget that.

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    Flitwick Had A Lot Of Respect For One Of Fred And George's Final Pranks

    From Redditor u/BatGuy500:

    When Fred and George left Hogwarts, they created a giant swamp in the middle of a corridor. Flitwick, tasked with getting rid of it, left a tiny amount because he thought it was 'a good bit of magic.'

    I love this so much because it’s just a little sign of how absolutely brilliant Fred and George actually are, and also why I love Flitwick so much.

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    Neville Was Blonde

    From Redditor u/HadrianJP:

    Dudley, Petunia and Neville being blonde.

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    Hermione And Ron Immediately Decide To Help Harry At The End Of Half-Blood Prince

    From Redditor u/myplusone:

    The moment in Half-Blood Prince after Harry has told Ron and Hermione about the prophecy and they start empathising and planning and he feels the weight lift from his chest because they’re still there, sticking with him and supporting him.

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    Sirius Is Very Caring And Helpful To Harry During The Triwizard Tournament

    From Redditor u/Lower_Consequences:

    How responsible, caring, and protective Sirius was in GOF. The guy lived in a cave and ate rats to be near Harry, talked to him and gave him advice, told him multiple times to be careful and not be reckless, and wrote him daily letters of encouragement before the Third Task. He was the only adult in Harry’s life who gave a damn about supporting him all that year, and people forget all about it and say he was a terrible godfather who only saw Harry as a replacement for James.