Utterly Genius Foreshadowing In Harry Potter Most Fans Completely Missed

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As most fans of the series already know, the Harry Potter books are filled to the brim with subtle, clever moments of foreshadowing. To some, these references to future events and places only became clear and obvious as the story went on. But, those moments of foreshadowing in the Harry Potter books don't just come in the form of building up to Harry's eventual fight with Voldemort at the end of the series, or the growing romantic tension between Ron and Hermione.

In fact, the books are littered with hidden messages and details, most of which slyly set up tragic character deaths in the series' later installments, or the incipient introduction of major places, objects, and characters. While some of these Harry Potter foreshadowing moments managed to make their way into the film adaptations too, it shouldn't be surprising that most were left for the book readers to discuss amongst themselves.

So, in honor of author J.K. Rowling's hard and detail-oriented work writing the series, let's explore some of the best moments of foreshadowing in the Harry Potter books.