Harry Potter Alignment Chart: Here's Where Our Favorite Characters Land

Dungeons & Dragons' alignment system is a useful system for analyzing characters, classing them as combinations of chaotic, lawful, neutral, evil, and good . It's not perfect, especially when it comes to well-written, multi-faceted characters like those who appear in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, but it still provides some insight - and anyway, it's fun. 

So, where do the characters from Harry Potter fit in? Protagonist Harry Potter is neutral good - his primary goal, above all else, is to do the right thing, whether that involves causing chaos or breaking the rules. Meanwhile, his nemesis Voldemort is the exact opposite - he's neutral evil. 

Do you agree with this Harry Potter character alignment chart? Vote up the characters you think were accurately classed, and vote down the ones you think belong somewhere else.