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Harry Potter Alignment Chart: Here's Where Our Favorite Characters Land

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Dungeons & Dragons' alignment system is a useful system for analyzing characters, classing them as combinations of chaotic, lawful, neutral, evil, and good . It's not perfect, especially when it comes to well-written, multi-faceted characters like those who appear in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, but it still provides some insight - and anyway, it's fun. 

So, where do the characters from Harry Potter fit in? Protagonist Harry Potter is neutral good - his primary goal, above all else, is to do the right thing, whether that involves causing chaos or breaking the rules. Meanwhile, his nemesis Voldemort is the exact opposite - he's neutral evil. 

Do you agree with this Harry Potter character alignment chart? Vote up the characters you think were accurately classed, and vote down the ones you think belong somewhere else. 

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    Fred & George Weasley - Chaotic Good

    Fred and George Weasley don't just fail to follow the rules - they love breaking them. Some of their pranks actually do cause harm, but that's never their intention - they're just trying to have a good time. Overall, they care deeply about protecting their friends and family and will sacrifice just about anything to do so. 

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  • When the series begins, following the rules is Hermione's first priority. Eventually, she realizes that she's going to have to break them occasionally if she's going to save the world, but she still sees their value and never comes to enjoy their dismantlement. Lawful Good people can still break the rules when the rules aren't good. Actually, Hermione's typical response when she doesn't like the rules is to create new ones - a great example of this is when she creates S.P.E.W., which is an attempt to establish civil rights for house elves. 

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  • Bellatrix Lestrange is Voledemort's #1 henchman - and if you take Cursed Child lore as canon, she's his lover, too. But unlike Voldemort, who has a larger picture in mind, she takes extreme, sadistic pleasure in hurting people - putting her squarely in the 'chaotic evil' category.

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  • Minerva McGonagall is a Hogwarts professor who takes her job seriously - it's generally really important to her that rules be followed and structures be maintained. While she's willing to go against those structures as necessary, like she does when she defends Hagrid against Ministry officials, that's not because she's neutral about following the rules - it's because she's making an exception to her lawful tendencies in the service of good.

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