Harry Potter Fans Are Sharing Details From The Series That Get Darker With Age

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Do you ever look back on the Harry Potter series and say to yourself, “Wow, that was kind of messed up?” Redditor u/coffeeanddanish asked, “What seemed great as a child in HP [but] now seems absolutely horrific as an adult?” and the fans had some interesting responses.

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    Lockhart Is Actually Horrifying

    From Redditor u/DerikHallin:

    …When you really think about it, the real nature of the Lockhart revelation and his attack on Harry and Ron in the Chamber of Secrets is way more [messed] up than I remember interpreting it as a young kid.

    I feel like in both the book and movie it's played for comic relief. But like, this dude is barely a step above serial killer if you really think about it. And his victims are comprised of (a) some of the most heroic and selfless witches and wizards in the world, and (b) children. He learns peoples' incredible stories of saving their towns/families, then does a memory charm on them that is so powerful it renders them basically useless, and he takes credit for their work. Leaving these people broken and their families to pick up the pieces without any credit. He tries to do the same to Harry and Ron too -- innocent children.

    This is a legit serial predator who ruins the lives and mental state of his victims. He's done it to, what, 15+ people at minimum. And the only reason he was prevented from doing it anymore is he used Ron's broken wand when he tried to get his next two victims. People think of Lockhart for his narcissism and ineptitude, but really, he's about as cruel, evil, and scummy as any Death Eater.

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    Rita Skeeter

    From Redditor u/White_RavenZ:

    Rita Skeeter, an adult, slandering a 14 year old schoolgirl as revenge for her negative opinion of a prior article (slandering Hagrid), thus exposing said MINOR to public shaming, and possible physical harm...

    That’s pretty sketchy and it’s petty as h*ll. Which… granted, it’s Rita Skeeter… but wow.

    From Redditor u/ADarwinAward:

    It is awful but frankly that’s an accurate depiction of UK tabloids. They are absolutely awful and will slander anyone to get readers.

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    The Forbidden Forest

    From Redditor u/Mouse-r4t:

    The Forbidden Forest! So big, and full of who knows what kinds of creatures. I don’t think Dumbledore or Hagrid knew everything that existed in the Forest, or even generally what went on in there.

    It’s wild to me that one of the big school rules was that it was off-limits… but it was fine for FIRST-YEARS to have detention there AT NIGHT. And what did they do during that detention? Look for a unicorn that had been murdered, and see if they could find what had killed it. Oh yeah, and they split up, resulting in a pair of first-years walking around in the Forbidden Forest in the dead of night, with only a dog for company, while they look for a killer, who, as it turns out, is possessed by Voldemort. Yeah, nothing to bat an eye at there!

    I can absolutely understand why Draco would complain to his father about something like that.

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    Love Potions

    From Redditor u/ArchonBaal:

    Love potions. It seemed more fun than anything as a child and I remember laughing at Ron when he ate the chocolate and fell under the effects of the potion. Then I grew up and realized just how terrible this potion is. It blows my mind that children can get their hands so easily on it, or how they were even taught how to make it.

    From Redditor u/coffee_and_danish:

    So true. The book literally shows this with Merope Gaunt and Tom Riddle Sr.

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    Polyjuice Potion

    From Redditor u/justputonsomemusic:

    Polyjuice potion.

    Just thinking that anyone could impersonate me or engage in s*xual activities without my consent is horrific.

    Then I think of celebrities and people trafficking their DNA samples for business opportunities… [or] crime…

    From Redditor u/sharkglitter:

    This was my first thought too. All someone needs is a hair, toenail clipping, etc. There would be a whole new paparazzi type job to try and get this stuff from celebrities.

    From Redditor u/MaeBaeInTheWoods:

    I have a theory that Voldemort's hair loss was intentional so that nobody can easily impersonate him with polyjuice potion.


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    The Boggart

    From Redditor u/Curious_Changeling:

    One thing very few people mention but immediately comes to my mind is the boggart. Imagine being a child in class surrounded by your peers, and being asked to step forward and have this creature reveal your greatest fear in front of everyone. Just think what that would be like, having everyone in your class (friends, bullies, that kid you have a crush on) know what terrifies you. And the teacher had better hope and pray that there are no victims of abuse or horrific trauma in class, or that's what they're going to see reenacted right in front of them while the child involved has a major panic attack or complete mental breakdown. The boggart always bothered me from the moment I read about it because I wasn't scared of snakes, spiders, mean teachers, or desk jobs (seriously, Newt, how coddled are you?). I was scared of ever reliving bad things that had happened to me and having others witness it.

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