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Wickedly Good Fan Theories About The Death Eaters In 'Harry Potter'

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In the vast, complex mythology of the Harry Potter Universe, the Death Eaters are particularly intriguing because of their power and ominous presence. As the most loyal followers of Lord Voldemort, they were instrumental in the First and Second Wizarding Wars, and posed a constant threat to Harry and the other young wizards of Hogwarts. If you look a little deeper, though, there might be more to them than meets the eye. In these wicked fan theories, some truly shocking possibilities come to light. Could Hagrid - one of Harry and Dumbledore's most trusted allies - have been a Death Eater all along? Perhaps even more dark and devious, some fans believe the beloved Ron Weasley could have also been one. And while we all know Harry and his fellow students were able to defeat them as they became more powerful wizards, is it possible that Ginny was the first to do so?

For fans of Harry Potter and the wizarding world, these Death Eater fan theories are sure to leave a Dark Mark on the mind.

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    Ginny Kills A Death Eater

    From Redditor /u/TheLaGrangianMethod:

    In the Department of Mysteries we see Ginny hit a Death Eater who is flying towards them with a spell that earlier in the movie we see disintegrate a mannequin. Obviously this isn't the last time we see Death Eaters get killed by one of the kids, but I'm pretty sure it's the first kill by one of the kids (excluding Quirrell).

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    Death Eaters Killed Lily And Petunia's Parents

    From Redditor /u/PopsicleIncorporated:

    I've always wondered why Harry wasn't sent to his maternal grandparents'. James's parents were already dead by the time Harry was orphaned, but I don't think there was ever any definitive fate given to Mr. and Mrs. Evans. And it's not like he wouldn't have been welcome; Petunia describes her parents as being overjoyed that Lily was a witch. Harry's maternal grandparents would've probably accepted him with open arms.

    So why didn't they? Only reason I can think of is that they were dead.

    But that's really crazy - I mean, Lily and James were only 21 when they died. I know James's parents were older when they had him, but presuming Lily's parents were average-aged, they'd be in their early 50s at most by the time of their daughter's death. Why would they both be dead?

    Furthermore, why does Petunia hate Lily so much even after her death? Usually people would become remorseful with survivor's guilt.

    Well, my theory is that they Death Eaters came for Lily and Petunia's parents, and probably killed them looking for information on Lily's whereabouts. This is why Harry never went to them, and it's why Petunia remained spiteful toward Lily even after her death - she blames her sister for the loss of her parents.

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    Voldemort Cursed His Own Name To Trigger Death Eaters

    From Redditor /u/caspirinha:

    I always thought the way that none of the characters in Harry Potter except Dumbledore and the three main ones dared to mention his name, even after 17 years, was a bit contrived, until I came up with this theory:

    Do you remember in The Deathly Hallows [that] a "taboo" is put on the word "Voldemort"? Voldemort knows that only his enemies use his name, and when it is mentioned, the Death Eaters could find your location, which is how the three are found in the woods.

    I believe that the same system was in place before You-Know-Who was defeated... the first time. We already know that Tom Riddle/Voldemort was very egotistical: We see that most through the flashbacks in the pensieve. Isn't it the ultimate vanity project, to have everyone know your name but have everyone be too scared to even say it out loud?

    I theorize that while he was terrorizing the world he put a taboo on his own name, and he or the Death Eaters were able to find anyone who mentioned it and kill or torture them. It explains how there is such a fear of his name ingrained in all the wizards; even long after he is defeated, wizards and witches are still terrified to mention the name "Voldemort" because of what would have happened to you when you triggered the taboo while he was all-powerful.

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    Jealousy Made Wormtail A Death Eater

    From Redditor /u/andrephilidor:

    And in the end, Peter joined Voldemort not just out of extreme fear and self-preservation, but also out of jealousy (if this is true, you can bet that Voldemort preyed on this aspect of his personality to make a Death Eater out of him, and also in Goblet of Fire when he reinforces Peter's guilt by calling him "Wormtail," his childhood nickname), handing over his best friend who didn't seem to have a place for him anymore, and the woman who, in Peter's mind, may have been responsible.

    Read the full theory here.

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