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All the Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers, Ranked

List RulesCharacters who taught Defense of the Dark Arts during the time of the Harry Potter books only.

Every time a person first opened a newly released Harry Potter book, you can guarantee one of the burning questions in their mind was "Who will be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher this year?" While it may be the teaching position in Hogwarts with the least job security, it sure was the most interesting. All the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, the best and the worst alike, had a supreme effect on Harry, Ron, and Hermione. These teachers set the tone for their year and the story being told, often finding themselves at the center of the wizarding world's drama.

Spies, werewolves, frauds, and bureaucrats occupied the position. Each bringing their own unique lessons and challenges for their students. But which ones were the best? Which ones truly prepared the students for Hogwarts for the challenges they'd face outside the castle? Which of them covered the best spells? Which ones failed to make an impact on both students and readers? Have your say below!