Harry Potter Fans Are Sharing Small Details From The Series That Even Book Fans (Probably) Missed

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Think you are the biggest Harry Potter fan ever? If you do, you probably know almost everything about the series. But just when you think you know everything about Hogwarts, another fan always seems to catch another detail. Redditor u/-ItzAlexxx- asked, “What are some obscure facts about Harry Potter that most book fans might skip over?” and the fans had some interesting responses.

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    Trelawney Was Right

    From Redditor u/owtlowd:

    All the "wrong" predictions Professor Trelawney made about Harry were "right" predictions about Voldemort (dark young man, troubled, born in midwinter, etc.). Perhaps because she was picking up on the horcrux in Harry's head.

    From Redditor u/Rocket92:

    When Harry and Ron stay at Hogwarts over Christmas and have dinner and Trelawney refuses to sit because it would make 13 at the table and she says the first to get up would be the first to die.

    Scabbers is in Ron’s pocket at the time so there were already 13, and Dumbledore was the first person to stand up.

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    The Watch Molly Gives Harry

    From Redditor u/PumpkinSpiceWhatever:

    That the watch Harry is given for his 17th belonged to Fabian Prewett, Molly Weasley’s brother and former OoTP member: "“Gideon Prewett, it took five Death Eaters to kill him and his brother Fabian, they fought like heroes”

    From Redditor u/RG-dm-sur:

    This is so important!

    It symbolizes that Harry is part of the family and gets a beloved heirloom. Molly and Arthur understand that Harry would cherish that because of what it means and because he has so little things from his own family.

    Ron, on the other hand, gets a brand new watch, which means his parents knew he would want his own things and not more hand-me-downs. They make the effort to buy it because they value him and that's something Ron always felt was lacking in his life.

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    Fred And George's Birthday

    From Redditor u/LingonberryPossible6:

    Fred and George were born on April fools days.

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    Hermione And Ron Hung Out A Lot

    From Redditor u/ivysartsandcrafts:

    Ron and Hermione spent a lot of time together with out Harry. It took a couple of rereads to realise as it was always just a passing comment, as Harry never really noticed or was that bothered by it. A lot of times harry would find them together, if he was coming back from practice, detention, snooping etc. He would always find them together. They also talked a lot by owl over the summers they didn't spend together and Hermione often arrived at Rons or Grimmauld before Harry meaning they spent several days/weeks together with out him.

    From Redditor u/KazDrogo:

    This is why Ron and Hermione’s relationship feels completely organic to me, and I was so happy when they ended up together.

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    Madeye Moody & Boggarts

    From Redditor u/Koffeepotx:

    Madeye Moody knows what a Boggart looks like in its natural form, since he can see trough solid walls and doors (and invisibility cloaks) with his magical eye. I vaguely remember Molly asking him to check for Boggarts in a cupboard in Grimmauld Place, and he confirms without opening the door and letting it out.

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    The Nifflers In The Books Act Different In The ‘Fantastic Beast’ Movies

    From Redditor u/AleksasKoval:

    A little detail that I found while rereading Goblet of Fire:

    During Care of Magical Creatures, Harry and the class were handling Nifflers. The Nifflers were digging up gold coins that Hagrid buried the night before. What was curious to me was the fact that the Nifflers immediately gave those coins to the students handling them. This seems like an opposite behavior compared to the Niffler in Fantastic Beasts movies, which immediately puts anything shiny in its pouch.

    It could be that because the coins were Leprechaun Gold, the class Nifflers simply looked them over, smelled they were fake, and decided to give them to the students as a form of playing.