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13 Interesting Severus Snape Moments In The 'Harry Potter' Books That Were Different In The Movies

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Like him or not, Severus Snape is one of the most complex characters in the Harry Potter series. While the books provide more context for Snape's character arc, the movies provide us with the one and only Alan Rickman. Whether you are a fan of the books or a true movie buff, there are some huge (and subtle) differences between the books and the movies when it comes to Snape. 

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    Snape's Memory In 'Order Of The Phoenix' Doesn't Include The Most Important Person: Lily

    In the film version of Order of the Phoenix when Harry sees into Snape's memory, we get a glimpse into Snape being bullied by James Potter. While this provides some backstory, it doesn't include the most important person: Lily. In the book, Snape and James start fighting, and Lily tells James to stop. James goes as far to say that he will stop if Lily goes on a date with him. While Lily was the most important person in Snape's life, it seems that her role would've been important to include in the film version of one of Snape's worst memories.

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    The Origin Of The Half-Blood Prince Is Barely Explored In The Film

    In the film version of Half-Blood Prince, the only explanation the audience gets for the origin behind the name of "The Half-Blood Prince" is Snape's single line: "I am the Half-Blood Prince." But nothing beyond that. The whole back story for why Snape is called "The Half-Blood Prince" is cut from the film. In the book, it is explained that Snape's mother's maiden name was "Prince" and that he was a half-blood.

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    Harry Tries To Cast The Cruciatus Curse At Snape

    In the film version of Half-Blood Prince, Harry just tries to cast Sectumsempra at Snape as he flees the castle after killing Dumbledore. In the book version, Harry also tries to cast the Cruciatus Curse twice at Snape, who deflects the curse. This moment in the book really shows all the feelings Harry is feeling towards Snape at this moment - an Unforgivable Curse is no small action. Not only does he try once, Harry tries twice, and Snape easily brushes them away, showing how much control Snape truly has over the situation. Snape knows what he is doing, and this moment would've alluded to that in the film.

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    Snape Doesn't Get Roasted (As Bad) By The Marauder's Map

    In the film version of Prisoner of Azkaban, Snape tries to "reveal" the Marauder's Map once, and then the map claps back as the voice of Lupin telling Snape to mind his own business. In the book version, Snape tries many times to "reveal its secrets," and the map insults him with each Marauder insulting Snape differently.