'Harry Potter' Fans Explain The Most Disturbing Fan Theories They've Ever Heard

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Vote up the creepiest and most and unsettling speculative theories about the Wizarding World and Harry Potter.

Not every fan theory can be as fun as 'Dumbledore is Ron from the future.' These fans have pointed out a number of theories that are downright disturbing and make the Harry Potter series just a bit darker.

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    Voldemort Used Bertha Jorkins' Unborn Baby For Himself In 'Goblet Of Fire'

    From Redditor u/RendtheClouds:

    The theory that Bertha Jorkins was pregnant when she was kidnapped by Wormtail and the baby-like body that Voldemort briefly enhabits during GoF is her child

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    Voldemort Planned To Polyjuice Harry After Killing Him In 'Goblet Of Fire'

    From Redditor u/michsix:

    Voldemort's plan in GoF was to kill Harry in the maze and make polyjuice, returning to the games as Harry. He'd decapitate Harry so he could keep making polyjuice and inspire fear in the hearts of the Order by making them watch their Chosen One and hero become a Dark Wizard as powerful and evil as Voldy before finally revealing himself to the world with Harry's now bald and decaying skull. 

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    Neville Is Forgetful Because His Trauma Is Treated With Obliviate

    From Redditor u/Environmental_Face_3:

    The reason why Neville is so forgetful is because the official treatment in the Wizarding World for childhood trauma is Obliviation. The spell never permanently took for Neville because he is, after all, a pretty powerful wizard, but the repeated 'treatments' left him with permanent memory issues.

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    Sirius Isn't Really Dead

    From a former Redditor:

    Not a theory I heard but it’s something I do think of from time to time. The fact that Sirius Black never really died.

    Luna had mentioned hearing voices near the veil, it made me think that maybe the veil was purgatory. So Sirius who spent his life trying to escape prisons and living in memories of loved ones spends eternity the same way. Nobody bothered figuring out how the veil worked in the series so I can imagine Sirius spending eternity either wanting to go back to Harry or to move on and join James.

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    The Resurrection Stone Shows Loved Ones The Way You Think They Were Rather Than How They Really Were

    From Redditor u/PrettyPurpleKitty:

    That the Resurrection Stone will always show your loved ones the way you wish they were, not their actual spirits, and they will eventually (or quickly, in Harry's case) drive you to commit suicide regardless of what the actual spirits of your loved ones want. 'Quicker than falling asleep.'

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    Mrs. Norris Is Actually Filch's Wife

    From Redditor u/CaptM1400:

    Long ago I read this and have never been able to find it since but I once read a theory that Filch’s cat Mrs. Norris was actually his wife. She used to be a witch and she was punished for marrying a squib by permanently being turned into a cat and that’s why he’s so concerned about her, why they seem to have a much deeper bond and higher level of communication than a normal pet owner, and also why he’s so bitter and angry towards wizards and witches.

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