Fans Are Pointing Out Harry Potter's Most Heartbreaking Moments

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Being the Chosen One is not all it's cracked up to be. Fans of the Harry Potter series are pointing out the most heartbreaking moments The Boy Who Lived suffered through that may have gone unnoticed by people.

  • 1. Harry Hadn't Experienced What It Was Like To Be Around People Who Liked Him Until He Met The Weasleys

    452 votes
  • 2. Harry Didn't Realize How Unhappy He Had Been Until He Was Finally Happy

    421 votes
  • 3. Harry's Reliance On Himself Referenced His Depression From Being An Orphan

    389 votes
  • 4. Hagrid Wrote To Harry Because He Had Nobody To Get Letters From

    362 votes
  • 5. Harry And Neville Carried The Loss Of Their Parents On Their Backs

    302 votes
  • 6. Being Forced To Fight At A Young Age Was What Harry And His Friends First Had In Common

    254 votes