Fans Reveal Heartbreaking Fan Theories About The Villains Of 'Harry Potter'

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Just because they're the bad guys doesn't mean that villains can't be tragic and sad themselves – just look at the Harry Potter series. The fans of the story have concocted a number of fan theories that make many of the villains even more heartbreaking when you think about them.

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    Snape Resented James Potter For More Than Just His Love Of Lily Evans

    From Redditor u/Obversa:

    TLDR: I think it’s entirely possible that Severus Snape was resentful of James not just because James bullied him for years, but because James was everything Severus wanted to be: loved by his parents, the heir to a Potions business empire, a pureblood, handsome, talented, popular, etc…as stated above, James Potter was ‘the boy born with everything.’

    While the books make it clear that one of the reasons that Snape resented James Potter so much - and, in turn, his son, Harry Potter - was because James and his friends bullied Snape while they were at Hogwarts, I think a lot of people don't realize that Snape's bitterness and resentment towards James goes far deeper than just that aspect.

    Read the full theory here.

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    Draco's Wand Represents His Conflicted Ideology

    From Redditor u/JohannesSchnee:

    Draco’s wand is hawthorn wood and unicorn hair core. Unicorn hair cores can die if used for too much dark magic. Hawthorn wood wands are extremely loyal, even if taken and regardless of the original wielder’s magical accomplishments. Draco is (if I recall) the only character KNOWN to have a a hawthorn wand.

    Basically a wand is sort of an extension of its owner’s will. Draco becomes disillusioned with his ideology in the last books, and I think this is arguably probable given his actions/inactions. It’s subtle. He’s not going to make some big grand heroic stand, but given how he acts and his wand’s bending to Harry, I think it’s sort of a subtle symbolism for where he’s at in his arc. He doesn’t want Voldemort to win, but he’s not brave enough to do anything himself. The wand bending to Harry is basically Draco’s inner life, his will, ‘switching sides’ where he himself can’t/won’t himself.

    As for the Elder Wand, I think that wand respects power above all. It’s not sentimental beyond that and is more than happy to bend to whoever manages to win it from its previous owner.

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    Snape's Final Act As Headmaster Was To Protect The School From The Carrows

    From Redditor u/quantumfirefly:

    ...My theory is that Snape was protecting the students and staff from the Carrows. Their cruel and violent tendencies are touched on explicitly in both the books and the movies. While Snape was in command of the castle, he would have been able to keep them somewhat in check. However, in the moment McGonagall fires on Snape, we can see he knows he's lost control. Snape has to maintain his cover as a Death Eater so, surrounded by members of the Order of the Phoenix, he has only one option: escape. Amycus and Alecto would either escape as well or be overpowered and captured, but Snape knows that neither event will occur without casualties, especially since the hall is full of Hogwarts students as young as their first year. And so as Snape makes his exit, he takes advantage of the confusion caused by the duel and secretly incapacitates the Carrows, ensuring the safety of the students and fulfilling his final charge as headmaster of Hogwarts.

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    Bellatrix Had To Fight In The Battle Of Hogwarts Right After Giving Birth

    From Quora user Gabriel Bell:

    So everyone is willing to accept that Tonks gave birth then got up and fought in The Battle of Hogwarts, but no one is willing to accept that Bellatrix gave birth then got up and fought in the self same battle?

    Tonks - who has no real love for her Lord and Master Dumbledore, and who only has a love for her husband and son - came to fight at The Battle just days after giving birth to Teddy, and that is totally believable.

    Bellatrix - who would live and die and sell her SOUL for Voldemort - came to fight at The Battle of Hogwarts in aid and support of her Lord and Master, and that’s just BS? I’m sorry, but where is the logic in that argument?


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    Voldemort Actually Cared About Bellatrix

    From Redditor u/throwawaybellamont:

    Voldemort would have been different if he had gotten love as a child but all he got was abuse. The orphanage was so traumatic for him, scarred him so much, that we saw in the DH chapter where he's going to kill Harry that he still has not let go of it. Even after becoming Lord Voldemort and half a century later, he still remembers it as though it was yesterday. The orphanage was what shaped his personality into what we see in the books and made him what he was. When he got into Hogwarts, he felt for the first time that he belonged there. He grew attached to the school because he found acceptance and home there. Yet, he did not get attached to any of its students because none of them understood him so naturally they did not accept him. He saw them as pawns and worms. Even Albus Dumbledore acknowledged it. This was also the only time Dumbledore knew him directly so most of his analysis of his personality is based on this time and hearsay.

    Now, here is where Bellatrix comes in. I'm sure she was entirely unexpected to him but he saw himself in her. She was dark, beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, and powerful, but she was also an aristocrat and much less dark than him. She was what Voldemort would have been if he had been raised in a loving, privileged family. She was what Voldemort wanted to be for she was loved, pureblood, and an aristocrat as well. He probably saw that and her potential and decided to take her under his wing, to make her his. His possession. I certainly don't think he was in some sort of fluffy, romantic, conventional, and healthy love with Bellatrix. It was complex, unique, dark, abusive even, but he cared. He definitely cared and he cared for her more than he had ever done for any living being even if it wasn't love in its traditional and conventional sense which, for him, is more than enough.

    Read the full theory here.

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    Snape's Life Is Terrible Because Of A Felix Felicis Potion Gone Wrong

    From Redditor u/Zozo61088:

    What if the reason for all the bad luck in Snape's life is the effect of a Felix Felicis gone wrong? Think about it, what would a guy being bullied in school, fascinated withchemistry try to do in his school years? Try and brew some liquid luck to get him over his hard time at school. Maybe thats the one potion Snape failed at because he was still a student so he didnt master potions yet. Maybe the ‘disasterous effects’ of not succeeding at brewing the potion is having bad luck his entire life? Also apart from the whole Lilly - Potter story, he also had bad luck applying for the post of Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher EVERY YEAR and not getting it, and when he finally got the job he had to kill the only person that knows his true identity and have all people hate him for killing Dumbledore.

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