'Harry Potter' Fans Reveal Heartbreaking Fan Theories About The Weasleys

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The Weasley family is one of the only purely good north stars in the Harry Potter franchise but even they have their rough days. These fans revealed their most heartbreaking fan theories about the Weasleys.

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    George Stopped Celebrating His Birthday After Fred's Death Until His Son Was Born

    From Quora user Karthika Nair:

    George hated the fact that he and Fred would never be together on their birthdays anymore, so he didn't celebrate them after his death. But George's son was born on the exact same date as him and Fred (1st April). And he named him Fred II. Also, started celebrating birthdays now that Fred was by his side.

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    George Dyed His Hair After Fred's Death

    From Redditor u/iDarkLightning:

    I have a head canon that George dyed his hair after Fred died, in order to prevent himself from seeing Fred every time he sees his reflection.

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    Ron Was Always Eating So Much Because There Wasn't Always Enough Food At The Weasley House

    From Redditor u/Friendly-Working:

    Mainly movie-based. I was wondering why the movies always emphasized Ron as stuffing his face or eating, and I think this theory explains it the best. He had a ton of older brothers, and they probably weren't the kindest towards him as is referenced to by the five galleon/ten galleon scene. Since Ginny was a girl she was the parent's favorite and they would always have loved her. This puts Ron at the bottom of the hierarchy in his family. The Weasley family is very poor. They would have been able to provide for all their kids, but the kids would not have had luxuries. Food would also probably be limited. Do the math. The youngest and least favorite child ( all the older kids had something, the twins looked out for each other, and the Ginny point) in a relatively poor family is always eating. He probably would have gotten the least amount of food otherwise, so he always stuffed his face to get as much food as possible. This habit carried on to when he started going to Hogwarts.

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    The Family's Egypt Trip Was Rigged To Help Ginny Mentally Recover From Tom Riddle

    From Redditor u/putcoolusernamehere:

    I don't have much evidence for this, but I think it's possible. Bill was a cursebreaker who made good money and his parents have shown to have to much pride to take handouts, so he went to the Daily Prophet/Ministry of Magic and set up a fake contest so they could win a ‘free’ trip to Egypt. The Ministry probably agreed because they wanted to sweep the fact that a student was involved in the Chamber attacks under the rug, and having the involved party be out of the country in the immediate aftermath of the events would help do that.

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    Fred Replaces Peeves As Hogwart's Poltergeist

    From Redditor u/becauseican95:

    I assume the regulation for becoming a Hogwarts ghost is to die in Hogwarts, so why wouldn't Fred Weasley fight his way back to be with his brother in Hogwarts forever and become the new Poltergeist!

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    Ron Was A Fan Of The Chudley Cannons Because It Was The Only Team His Family Could Buy Merch And Tickets To

    From Redditor u/TheGrayBarron:

    Even within the narrative of the series the Chudley Cannons are a laughably bad team. To the point where the team motto is literally 'let's all just cross our fingers and hope for the best.' So why is Ron such a die hard fan? He is one of the only charecters mentioned in canon to admire the team unironically despite being mocked for it. Well, if the team is so bad than the merchandise and tickets to matches are likley dirt cheap. So much so that even the struggling Mr. Weasly could likely spring for it on occasion. None of his siblings share his passion for the team but they were all talented quidditch players in their own right when Ron was a toddler so they likley grew out of the team or never got into them in the first place. But I think as he was always desperate for attention from his family and any excuse to stand out Ron would have gravitated to the albeit subpar team that he shared with his father.