'Harry Potter' Fans Reveal Heartbreaking Lore About The Weasley Family

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The Weasley family offers a lot of joy to readers and viewers of the Harry Potter franchise but they're just as likely to rip your heart out as make you smile. These are the most heartbreaking bits of lore that fans on Reddit have pointed out.


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    Fred And George Shared A Hand On Molly's Clock Because She Couldn't Imagine Them Being Seperated

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    George Couldn't Produce A Patronus After Fred's Death

    From Redditor u/SerArysOakheart:

    After Fred's death, George could never produce a patronus.

    Ah d*mnit, now I'm sad again.

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    Fred And George Were Named To Honor Molly's Dead Brothers

    From Redditor u/Toonman33:

    Apart from Gideon and Fabian being in the Order, Fred and George are named after them (by initials).

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    Molly Gives Harry Her Deceased Brother's Watch

    From Redditor u/jadebyron:

    It's not sad exactly but it always makes me cry.

    When Mrs. Weasley gives Harry her brother's old watch on his birthday. She's so apologetic about it not being new and not sure if he will like it... when you know how much that had to mean to him.

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    Arthur Refused To Treat Harry Like A Child

    From Redditor u/TheObstruction:

    My favorite thing about Arthur is that he never treats Harry like a child. Molly does all the time, but that's how she is with her own kids too, it's just her personality.

    But Arthur knows Harry's been through some sh*t, even before he went to Hogwarts, from living with those jack*ss relatives of his. He has to deal with not having parents, and then find out people are out to kill him. Through it all, Arthur treats him like an equal, like someone who can think for himself. He gives advice, but is never annoying or talks down to him.

    I think my favorite moment is in PoA film, when he talks to Harry in the Leaky Cauldron. No one else will tell him about the Sirius Black stuff except Arthur, who's like 'This dude is dangerous af, and he's coming after you. Just stay at the school where it's safe and please don't do the crazy thing you do where you try to find him and confront him. Seriously, this dude wants to kill you, so avoid situations where he might be able to.' He's not evasive or downplaying anything, he gives Harry the truth as far as he knows it.

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    Arthur Would Have Been Killed If Harry Hadn't Already Lost So Many Father Figures

    From Redditor u/colourandcinema:

    I once read in an interview with JK Rowling that the reason she changed her mind about killing off Mr. Weasley after the snake attack was that of all of Harry's father figures died, and it didn't seem fair to kill the one who was the least flawed.