'Harry Potter' Fans Are Pointing Out Plot Holes About Hogwarts

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Hogwarts is massive and can't be an easy place to run but over the years fans have pointed out a number of plot holes about the school that become pretty glaring when you think about it.

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    House Points Make No Sense

    From Redditor u/LegendofWeevil17:

    House points in Harry Potter really don't make much sense. In the first 3 books (they're hardly mentioned after that) people are pissed off at Harry, Ron and Hermione for losing them 100's of house points. In real life, hardly any of the students would care about some arbitrary points system set up by teachers but would think Harry, Ron and Hermione are heroes for smuggling dragons or sneaking out at night. Why would a brat like Malfoy care if he got house points??

    Also, not sure if this is just the movies but Hermione gets like 50 points for answering questions correctly in one class but at the end of the year all the houses only have like 150 points.

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    Dumbledore Sent Students Toward The Troll When He Thought It Was Loose In The Dungeons

    From Redditor u/Zalzagor:

    'The troll is in the dungeon'

    'All students please return to your house dormitories'


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    The Students Head To School On September 1st And The Next Day Is Always Monday

    From Redditor u/FantaLemon11:

    It's not a huge plot hole, but it's such a convenient coincidence that they always seem to go back to Hogwarts on the 1st of September and yet the next day is always a Monday.

    From Redditor u/blastedt:

    Harry was born in 1980 so he begins schooling in the 1991 school year.

    1991: September 2nd is a Monday.
    1992: Tuesday
    1993: Thursday
    94: Wednesday
    95: Thursday
    96: Saturday. They do indeed head out to classes that morning. Book is literally unplayable.
    And of course there was no '97 school year because they went camping instead

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    Tom Riddle Found The Entrance To The Chamber Of Secrets While The Girls Bathroom Was Still In Use

    From Redditor u/VEyeDoubleNWhy:

    One thing that always bothered me was that Tom Riddle basically stumbled upon the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, when the entrance was in the girls bathroom. Assuming that girls use to use this bathroom before Myrtle died, how did he get away with constantly going in there? Like okay maybe he only went late at night, but no one ever noticed anything weird going on in that bathroom? Just seems odd to me and seemed like something Rowling overlooked.

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    The Potion Books The School Uses Are Wrong

    From Redditor u/puppit:

    So, it becomes pretty obvious that the potion books the students are working with are purposely written incorrectly once Harry gets Snape's old potion book. In the one potion they go into depth with Snape notes multiple things wrong with the recipe that make it impossible to make a perfect potion. This same book is being used let's say 25 to 30 years latter with the same incorrect recipes and the teacher knows they are there and could have either just came out with a correct version and made bank selling it or told the students what is wrong in the book. But I think the real reason is the recipes are incorrect on purpose to teach the kids about the interactions between ingredients so they can balance the formula just like you might in a chemistry lab.

    Now, potions is pretty much just magic chemistry were incorrect procedures or amounts pretty much turn a lab into a futile effort to make anything correct. The only reason I can think of that the recipes that are given are incorrect is that they aren't meant to be exact but instead guideline that then are to be balanced and correct technical skills applied. The prime example with have is when Harry makes the potion using Snape's book it calls for 2 drops instead of 3 and to crush and ingredients instead of cutting.

    Students are expected in theory to read the recipe understand the interactions taking place and figure out that 3 drops are to many. They would do the same with crushing instead of cutting as that is the proper way to prepare said ingredient. This then makes the potion correct and they figured out the puzzle as it were.


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    The Student Body Size Doesn't Usually Fit The Descriptions

    From Redditor u/wildwalrusaur:

    What always bugged me was the size of the student body.

    The books always go on about packed halls, crowds of screaming fans at the quidditch games etc. Yet there are only 5 male gryffendors in Harry's year. It doesn't seem to be an outlier either, because from all the other houses we never hear of more than half a dozen in a given year. This would mean Hogwarts is only a school of like 300 students.

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