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Here's What Hogwarts House Your Favorite Naruto Characters Would Be Placed In

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Imagine for a moment the cast of Naruto transported to the world of Harry Potter, attending school at Hogwarts. They claim one of the four houses - Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff - as home. 

Which Hogwarts houses would hold the Naruto characters? That depends on which traits they value most. Naruto Uzumaki is unquestionably a Gryffindor; he's hotblooded and brave. Shikamaru Nara might not want to be a Ravenclaw because being smart and creative requires a bit of work, but he can't escape his true nature. Sasuke Uchiha possesses single-minded ambition, making him an ideal Slytherin. Rock Lee's endless dedication to improving his skills along with his intense loyalty to his mentor Gai, make him a great example of a Hufflepuff. 

And the sorting doesn't end there.

  • Shikamaru probably wouldn't appreciate a Ravenclaw sorting, thinking the "smart" house would require him to do more work. But ultimately, he can't escape his nature.

    Shikamaru is a strategic genius; his battle-winning ideas burst with creativity. Plus, he could trade sarcastic barbs with the sharpest of Ravenclaw tongues. As the character ages and leans further into his talents, he might feel a little more comfortable with the Sorting Hat's decision.

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  • Slytherins value ambition and resourcefulness, traits Sasuke Uchiha flagrantly displays; ambition dominates his life. After Sasuke's older brother Itachi slaughters their parents and the rest of the Uchiha clan, the younger sibling makes revenge his personal mission. When he finds out Itachi was forced, though, Sasuke's goal shifts. 

    He dedicates himself to destroying Konoha, utilizing every resource and even submitting himself to Orochimaru, who he finds repulsive and terrifying, to learn techniques.

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    Choji Akimichi: Hufflepuff

    Choji is a Hufflepuff through and through. He is deeply loyal to his clan, his friends, and his teammates, particularly his best friend Shikamaru. Though he doesn't start as the strongest or most promising ninja, his willingness helps him dramatically improve his skill level.

    Like most Hufflepuffs, Choji doesn't feel the need to receive a lot of accolades. He just wants to do the best job he can to support the people around him.

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  • Gryffindors are passionate, heroic people; they prioritize rescuing other people from danger. Consequently, Gryffindors have a lot in common with shonen protagonists. No wonder Naruto's title character would be in the house of scarlet and gold. He brims with courage and is always ready to help a person in need. 

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