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Here's What Hogwarts House Your Favorite Naruto Characters Would Be Placed In

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Imagine for a moment the cast of Naruto transported to the world of Harry Potter, attending school at Hogwarts. They claim one of the four houses - Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff - as home. 

Which Hogwarts houses would hold the Naruto characters? That depends on which traits they value most. Naruto Uzumaki is unquestionably a Gryffindor; he's hotblooded and brave. Shikamaru Nara might not want to be a Ravenclaw because being smart and creative requires a bit of work, but he can't escape his true nature. Sasuke Uchiha possesses single-minded ambition, making him an ideal Slytherin. Rock Lee's endless dedication to improving his skills along with his intense loyalty to his mentor Gai, make him a great example of a Hufflepuff. 

And the sorting doesn't end there.

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    Sai: Ravenclaw

    Sai exhibits just about every Ravenclaw trait. A creative artist who spends most of his time painting, Sai finds a way to use his painting in combat. He believes education can solve almost everything; that's why when he can't figure out how to communicate with others. 

    To top it off, he has a dry sense of humor that would do any Ravenclaw proud.

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  • Slytherins do what needs to be done to achieve their goals, even if it means stepping on other people. So, of course, Tobirama Senju - one of Konoha's founding fathers - is a great fit for the ambitious house.

    This Naruto character decides the Uchiha clan should join the Konoha police force, thereby giving himself more power. That amount of authority can intoxicate a Slytherin. Ambition drives Tobirama to invent multiple jutsu moves, including several with dark and dangerous natures.

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  • Hufflepuffs are patient and loyal, and willing to work hard when necessary.

    Rock Lee is born without the ability to to use chakra, severely limiting the number of attacks he can wield. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, though, Lee refuses to give up. Instead, he dedicates himself to his mentor Gai's teachings and learns taijutsu - a ninja martial art that doesn't require chakra. It’s a slow process, but Lee makes it happen.

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  • Temari doesn't have an easy life. She loses her mother when she's only four years old, and her family lives in poverty despite her father's leadership status in the village. Additionally, her brother is a bloodthirsty murderer. While some people might give up entirely, Temari keeps her family together, becomes a powerful ninja, and even secures a significant position in her country's government. 

    How did she manage all this? With the cunning, ambition, and resourcefulness that Slytherin values. She refuses to accept nonsense and tells people off when they're out of line. Thanks to her, the family stays afloat.

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