'Harry Potter' Fans Reveal Heartbreaking Fan Theories About Magical Objects And Creatures

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The Harry Potter universe is far from the most uplifting place to live - and it isn't just the humans who have a tough time. These fans have pointed out a number of heartbreaking fan theories about the many different magical objects and creatures that populate the story.

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    House Elves Were Strategically Enslaved

    From Redditor u/Deus-system-failed:

    So we know House Elves are immune to magical restrictions, like the apparition barrier and possibly even the fundamental laws because the House Elves in Hogwarts don't get food delivered, they could get it but it would probably be seen as stealing, I think they magically create it from nothing, as seen in the fourth book they could make custom food in seconds during the Yule ball. This violates the laws of transfiguration, and they don't seem to need wands or even learn magic to know it, they can do non-verbal and permanent magic without learning. I think the wizards knew that elves were magically superior and seen them as a threat, so they enslaved them by taking advantage of their kindness. I think they were tricked into making a permanent magical contract with wizards to be enslaved generation after another so they wouldn't be able to rally against wizards.


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    Dumbledore Didn't Lie About What He Saw In The Mirror Of Erised

    From Redditor u/Oklahom0:

    In the Mirror of Erised scene, Harry walks around the school with the invisibility of his cloak and the warmth from the sweater Molly knitted for him. Christmas just happened, and both are the first genuine gifts of love that Harry had ever received since his parents died.

    Harry asks Dumbledore what he saw in the Mirror, and Dumbledore said a nice pair of wool socks. Harry was perplexed that a man so interesting and powerful and wise would want something as dull as socks as his number one desire. After all, clothes are usually the least-liked gift for kids on Christmas, and socks are the dullest of clothes. This view is even held by Ron and Percy, who begrudge wearing the Weasley sweaters on Christmas. As someone who knits, I can tell you that knitting eight different sweaters for Christmas is pure magic.

    I think Dumbledore saw this shirt, and remembered another family member who was stuck at home her entire life; a person who could have easily found knitting very soothing. After all, what else could an untrained witch like Ariana Dumbledore give her brothers for Christmas? The amount of love and thought put into each article of clothing must have been tremendous.

    But Albus was a kid, one who felt like all kids when it comes to clothes. What's more, he was embarrassed by her very existence. He probably never wanted anything to do with anything she made. He may have even tossed it after getting it.

    But it's Christmas once again, and Aberforth, despite living in Hogsmeade, wasn't at the feast. I think he's always seen Ariana when he looks in the mirror, but it wasn't until Christmas that the one thing he saw was his family together and him getting just one pair of the lovely socks she made as a kid.

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    Hedwig Was Killed By Snape Because He Was Giving Away The Real Harry's Location

    From Redditor u/PokeHobnobGod21:

    What if, in the film, not sure about the book, snape killed Hedwig because Hedwig gave away Harry's position and he did it to try and protect him.

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    Wands And Magic Are Regulated As A Form Of Community Control

    From Redditor u/EquivalentInflation:

    From some of Rowling's assorted lore, many wizarding societies (like pre-colonial Native Americans or Africans) never used wands. In fact, Uagadou (African Hogwarts) taught students primarily without wands. Since Uagadou was known for having some of the best Transfigurers in the world, we can assume that this had no effect on their power of their magic. We can also see wandless magic in a number of cases where underage witches and wizards pull off impressive magical feats with no wands at all.

    However, in the few rare cases when Hogwarts students try wandless magic, it always fails miserably. The school doesn't teach it, not even as an optional course. Why?

    Forcing reliance on wands makes it easier for Wizarding governments to keep the peace. Most of their serious (or even minor) crimes are punished by having your wand broken. This provides an easy way for the Ministry and others to prevent repeat offenders, as well as stopping prison escapes.

    Read the full theory here.

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    The Mirror Of Erised Drove A Wedge Between Slytherin And The Rest Of The Hogwarts Founders

    From Redditor u/Hurrin:

    It is not known who, or when created Mirror of Erised, but I believe it might be Salazar Slytherin himself. One of the traits the Slytherin House is known for is ambition, and so, I believe, Slytherin might have created the Mirror, as a tool to show his students, what they could achieve through hard work, and to keep their ambition high. However, as Dumbledore said in Philosopher's Stone, the Mirror doesn't show truth, or knowledge, but rather user's deepest desire, and it drives people mad. So, I think that Slytherin looked into it himself, and he saw ‘perfect’ world, with only pureblood wizards, and that's when he truly became an extremist, after being obsessed with his vision, to the point where he left the school, after fight with the other founders, and left the Chamber of Secrets after him.

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    Harry Is Able To Use Draco's Wand Because Draco Regretted His Choice To Side With Voldemort

    From Redditor u/JohannesSchnee:

    Draco’s wand is hawthorn wood and unicorn hair core. Unicorn hair cores can die if used for too much dark magic. Hawthorn wood wands are extremely loyal, even if taken and regardless of the original wielder’s magical accomplishments. Draco is (if I recall) the only character KNOWN to have a a hawthorn wand.

    Basically a wand is sort of an extension of its owner’s will. Draco becomes disillusioned with his ideology in the last books, and I think this arguably probable given his actions/inactions. It’s subtle. He’s not going to make some big grand heroic stand, but given how he acts and his wand’s bending to Harry, I think it’s sort of a subtle symbolism for where he’s at in his arc. He doesn’t want Voldemort to win, but he’s not brave enough to do anything himself. The wand bending to Harry is basically Draco’s inner life, his will, switching sides where he himself can’t/won’t himself.

    As for the Elder Wand, I think that wand respects power above all. It’s not sentimental beyond that and is more than happy to bend to whoever manages to win it from its previous owner.

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