'Harry Potter' Fans Reveal Interesting Fan Theories About The Malfoys

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The Malfoy family is far from beloved but many fans have spent a significant amount of time fleshing out their backstories and what they were doing off-page that might make them a little more interesting. These Redditors have revealed their favorite theories they came across about the despised family.


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    Draco's Wand Reflects His Unstable Ideology

    From Redditor u/JohannesSchnee:


    Draco’s wand is hawthorn wood and unicorn hair core. Unicorn hair cores can die if used for too much dark magic. Hawthorn wood wands are extremely loyal, even if taken and regardless of the original wielder’s magical accomplishments. Draco is (if I recall) the only character KNOWN to have a a hawthorn wand.

    Basically a wand is sort of an extension of its owner’s will. Draco becomes disillusioned with his ideology in the last books, and I think this arguably probable given his actions/inactions. It’s subtle. He’s not going to make some big grand heroic stand, but given how he acts and his wand’s bending to Harry, I think it’s sort of a subtle symbolism for where he’s at in his arc. He doesn’t want Voldemort to win, but he’s not brave enough to do anything himself. The wand bending to Harry is basically Draco’s inner life, his will, ‘switching sides’ where he himself can’t/won’t himself.

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    Narcissa's Pact With Snape Could Never Have Been Discovered By Voldemort

    From Redditor u/Riddlers_Razor:


    It has been stated that Lord Voldemort is possibly the most skilled Legilmens in the Wizarding World. In the books, both Professor Snape and Narcissa Malfoy were able to hide their lies from Voldemort. Snape did so as part of his history as a triple agent who was really working for Dumbledore and The Order of The Phoenix, as well as when Narcissa lied to Voldemort about Harry being dead in the forest. There are some people who said that because of this Snape and Narcissa are perhaps the most accomplished Occlumens in the Wizarding World since they were both able to hide their true intentions from Voldemort. I have a theory however that differs.

    Firstly, let us imagine that the act of mind-reading as walking through a series of corridors in a person's mind where there are doors that open to all the memories and desires within the person's mind. It has been stated many times before that both characters, Snape and Narcissa, acted out of love. Snape was motivated by his love for Lily Potter, and Narcissa was motivated by the love for her son Draco. (Let us not forget that the magic power of a mother's love was the start of the whole saga between Harry and Voldemort). It has been stated many times that because Tom Riddle was conceived out of a loveless union between Tom Riddle Sr. and Merope Gaunt and also because his mother died just as he was born he never experienced love and does not understand love at all.

    Now in the first book when Harry and Hagrid are in London and about to enter The Leaky Cauldron, Harry notices that the non-wizard people walking past seem not to notice the entrance. They have no perception of magic whatsoever, just as Voldemort has no concept of knowledge of or appreciation for love himself.

    So going back to the image of reading a person's mind and walking through the corridors of the mind looking at the doorways that lead to memories and intentions. Imagine a trip through Snape's mind. We might see a door with a carving of a young Severus Snape crying as he sees his father beating his mother. Voldemort would see that. We see a door with a young Snape shaking hands with a young Lucius Malfoy after being sorted into Slytherin. Voldemort would see that as well. We see a large elaborate door with golden handles and intricate carvings featuring the image of Lily Potter. Just like the Muggles on that London street, Voldemort would not even be able to perceive it. He would walk right past. Likewise for Narcissa, if Voldemort took a walk through her mind he would walk past the door with a carving of Narcissa cradling a newborn baby Draco, and not perceive it.

    The point that I am making is that it is said that for Narcissa and Snape to hide their true motives from other witches and wizards, they would have had to have been great Occlumens, which could be true, at least for Snape. However, with respect to Voldemort using Legilmency to discover their intentions, because of his inability to comprehend love, the secrets in their minds were never in any real danger of being discovered.

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    Narcissa Genuinely Thought Harry Would Win

    From Redditor u/blambliab:


    She just watched Voldemort's killing curse hit Harry and leave him unharmed. She didn't know anything about the horcruxes or the part of Voldemort's soul that was attached to Harry. All she saw was Harry walking up to Voldemort, being hit by Avada Kedavra and survive. Again. At that point I wouldn't be surprised if she thought that Harry is going to beat Voldemort. I don't think she had the time to go through all the possible outcomes of her decision, like you did. She didn't have the time to dwell on those things.

    I think she just placed her bet on Harry in that moment. It was the right choice.

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    Draco Told Dobby About Harry Potter

    From Tumblr user u/mfingenius:


    We know Draco talked (complained) about Harry all the time to Lucius, but maybe he told his other thoughts to Dobby, the same way he confided in moaning Myrtle. Or maybe Draco was so obsessed with hearing stories about Harry when he was younger and wanted to be his friend so bad when they got to Hogwarts, and then it didn’t work out at all how he thought it would. 

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    Lucius Meant To Kill Dobby, Not Harry, At The End Of 'Chamber of Secrets'

    From Redditor u/V1C3TH13F:


    At the end of Chamber of Secrets, Harry tricks Lucius Malfoy into giving Dobby a sock and releasing the elf from servitude. Enraged, Lucius pulls out his wand and begins casting Avada Kedavra before being stopped by Dobby who proclaims ‘You shall not harm Harry Potter!’ Many people have noticed that it makes no sense for Lucius to attempt to kill Harry for a multitude of reasons, but especially because they are at Hogwarts just outside Dumbledore's office.

    Despite Dobby's protective quote, I don't think Lucius intended to kill Harry at all, he intended to kill Dobby. Lucius is intelligent enough to understand how killing Harry would end poorly for him. Lucius also showed his disdain for Dobby numerous times throughout the film and it is made abundantly clear that he only ever saw Dobby as the Malfoy's servant, rather than a creature deserving of respect. Once Dobby had been freed, he had no use to Lucius. Enraged at losing his servant, Lucius planned to kill Dobby to tear away Dobby's newfound freedom as well as revenge/punishment to make Harry feel guilty for being the one "responsible" for Dobby's death.

    Also, I'm aware that Lucius Malfoy's actor has said that the scene called for Lucius to begin casting a curse and that Avada Kedavra was the first curse he thought of in the moment.

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    Draco And Narcissa Were Meant To Defy Voldemort

    From Tumblr user u/shacklebolt:


    So you know how Black family members were specifically supposed to have dark hair and dark eyes… like Bellatrix and Walburga and Orion. Well, here’s a new piece of info you may or may not know… Narcissa, Andromeda, Sirius, and (maybe even) Regulus only had one or neither of these traits. Narcissa had blonde hair and blue eyes (extending down to her son Draco), Andromeda had light brown hair and light brown eyes, Sirius had dark hair and gray eyes, and Regulus had dark hair and there is a lot of evidence that he had gray eyes (Tom Moorcroft, the actor who portrays him in the photograph, has gray/light blue eyes).

    Okay, so notice how these characters are all ones who defied Voldemort/went against their family’s pure-blood values. Coincidence? I think not. I believe that all of them were portrayed with lighter eyes and hair because they were different from their family members. They weren’t dark wizards and pure-blood fanatics–in the end–like the rest of their family. They fought and stopped fighting to save those that they love.