Harry Potter Fans Are Sharing Their Thoughts On Molly Weasley Being The Motherly Figure Harry Needed

While Harry Potter lost his family at the beginning of the series, Molly Weasley tried her best (and succeeded) in treating Harry as part of her own family. Redditor u/EquivalentInflation pointed out a specific scene where Molly sees how poorly Harry was treated over the summer, and she makes sure to give him food and love to make up for how the Dursleys mistreated him. Just as the Weasley family does to harry, the Internet rallied around Molly Weasley and collectively reminisced on why Molly is one of the most loving characters in the series.


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    Remember That Moment Molly Gives Harry And Ron Watches?

    From Redditor u/EmiliusReturns:

    My favorite Mrs. Weasley moment is when she gives Harry and Ron the traditional 17th birthday watches. She gives Harry her late brother’s watch, and apologizes that it has a dent in it. She mentioned offhand that she bought Ron a new one, and they didn’t have the money to buy two watches new, and Harry cuts her off by giving her a big hug.

    What she does with the watches is really perfect for both boys. If Ron had gotten the watch with the dent, he’d notice and he’d be resentful of getting yet another hand-me-down. Ron never gets anything brand new, all for him. So spending the money on the brand new watch was exactly what Ron needed to feel special and appreciated.

    Harry, on the other hand, has money from his parents. Something costing a lot of money doesn’t have as much meaning for him. He gets to have new stuff all the time. What Harry doesn’t have is family, and by giving Harry the family heirloom watch that belonged to the brother she loved, Molly is making Harry feel like one of the family. Which is exactly what he needed to feel special and appreciated.

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    Remember When She Knit Harry A Sweater Even Though She Barely Knew Him?

    Remember When She Knit Harry A Sweater Even Though She Barely Knew Him?
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    From Redditor u/slapdash57:

    Can we talk about how Molly knit him his own sweater for Christmas in the first book, even though she'd only met him for like 5 seconds at King's Cross. Like Ron just casually mentions that Harry isn't expecting any gifts, and she's like 'nah, that won't do' and makes sure he has something to open Christmas morning.

    From Redditor u/CAPTCHA_is_hard:

    Right?! And you know that Ron is a kid and wouldn’t have said much or explained, but she just realized the importance anyway. Either because he’s Ron’s new best friend, or because he’s an orphan, she just wants to make him feel welcome in their family. And I like to think she knits the Christmas sweaters by hand, so it would have taken her some real time.


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    Remember The Hug After The Maze?

    From Redditor u/NefflerPartyOf4:

    I always think back to GOF when Harry's in the hospital wing after the maze and she hugs him deeply and he just lets loose and cries. Like he feels safe in her arms and cries as if she was his real mom without a care because he feels safe. That is one moment that always makes me cry. As a mom myself, our children are always supposed to feel safest in our arms.

    From Redditor u/solipsisticcompass:

    I always think about how in the Goblet of Fire she and Bill came to watch him compete. Her shouting surprise kills me every time.


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    One Fan Pointed Out How This One Scene Between Harry And Molly Hits Different Now

    One Fan Pointed Out How This One Scene Between Harry And Molly Hits Different Now
    Photo: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From Redditor u/EquivalentInflation:

    The scene in Chamber of Secrets when Mrs. Weasley tells Harry to eat hits way differently now.

    The first time through, I just kind of interpreted it as Mrs. Weasley's general motherliness, in the same way a grandma will tell you you're too skinny after feeding you three giant helpings of food.

    But rereading it, I realized that she wasn't just worrying over nothing, Harry had been starved for weeks. The Dursleys were giving him the bare minimum of food, and what they were giving him (like cold canned soup that was mostly broth) had no real nutritious value. Harry mentions that he had been spending most of his time lying around on his bed and sleeping, probably because he didn't have the energy to do much else.

    The book describes Mrs. Weasley as being incredibly angry, right up until one of the twins mentions they had been starving Harry. When she then takes a second to actually see what bad shape Harry is in, almost all of the anger goes out of her. She's still a bit strict with the boys, but nowhere near as furious as she had been. We know Mrs. Weasley specialized in healing magic as well as cooking, and likely recognized all the signs of malnutrition in Harry. When she then monitors Harry as he's eating, and keeps giving him more, it's not a joke, it's because that's likely the first real meal he's had since he left Hogwarts.

    Finally, during the conversation and meal, she makes a point of letting Harry know she's not angry with him when she starts yelling, and then constantly gives Harry praise and positive reinforcement. In short, she's following the textbook guide for dealing with victims of abuse, and getting them settled into a safer place.

    I just thought it was a truly nice moment that showed an adult actually being responsible and caring for Harry's emotional and physical well being, something that he had only experienced once or twice previously.

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    The Wizarding World Was Much Healthier For Harry

    The Wizarding World Was Much Healthier For Harry
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    From Redditor u/lipozine:

    I think of [Molly's] response—super angry, but still feeding everyone—in contrast to Petunia’s response when she’s angry with Harry for pretending to use a spell on Dudley. Petunia tries to hit Harry with a frying pan, gives him a load of chores and tells him he won’t eat again until they’re all done. Then Molly, extremely angry with her children, yells at them while dishing out delicious breakfast. In a similar vein, after Ron and Harry get in trouble for flying the car, McGonagall keeps them from going back to the great hall for dinner, but provides them a self-refilling plate of sandwiches so they don’t go hungry. In both of these examples, the witches are really upset, but would never consider withholding food as punishment. It highlights how much more emotionally safe and healthy the wizarding world is for Harry, compared to the “normal” Dursleys.

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    Molly Immediately Takes In Harry

    Molly Immediately Takes In Harry
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    From Redditor u/Ndmndh1016:

    I love her attitude at first too. She doesn't care that he's this famous kid, she just sees someone who is lonely and singled out and wants to help.

    From Redditor u/QuarterLifeCircus:

    I love when Fred and George tell Molly “that boy we helped get on the platform was Harry Potter” Ginny asks if she can see him and Molly says “you’ve already seen him!” While she may herself have been star struck (plenty of adults are around Harry) she first sees him as a nervous 11 year old. It’s wonderful.

    From Redditor u/Snickels14:

    It’s so awesome how she takes him in. It takes no time at all for the Wealseys to accept Harry as one of them, even though they don’t really have resources to spare. They love him so much, and Mrs. Weasley is absolutely perfect about it.

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