Harry Potter Fans Are Revealing Their Hottest Takes About The Movies

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The Harry Potter films are comfort food viewing for an entire generation of moviegoers but that doesn't make them perfect. These Harry Potter fans are revealing their hottest takes about the films.

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    Showing Hermione Modifying Her Parent's Memories Is One Of The Best Additions In The Movies

    From a former Redditor:

    Hermione modifying her parents' memories. The books really glossed over all the pain it must have caused her. It didn't even get its own scene, she just mentioned it in passing later on in the story.

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    The S.P.E.W. Plotline Shouldn't Have Been Cut

    From Redditor u/TrixieBug420:

    I think that S.P.E.W. highlights Hermione's moral beliefs that she is unwilling to compromise on, regardless of the new world she has been accepted in. She is being true to herself and fighting for the rights of a group of creatures she believes to have been wronged. It shows that Hermione is determined to make a difference no matter what she may endure along the way.

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    Ron's Character Was Ruined In The Movies

    From Redditor u/PlatinumAltaria:

    Ron was a good character in the books and the films ruined him!

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    Michael Gambon Was A Better Fit For Dumbledore

    From Redditor u/rocker2014:

    Michael Gambon was a better fit for the role that Dumbledore had to play in the last few stories. I honestly can't see Richard Harris doing the things Dumbledore does in the later books. I also don't blame Gambon for the 'calmly' scene in GOF. That's Mike Newell's fault for directing him to say it that way. And lastly, I don't care that Gambon didn't read the books. I would bet that most of the older actors never read the books but just didn't publicly state that.

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    'Goblet of Fire' Has A Terrible Plot

    From Redditor u/Astro4545:

    The Goblet of Fire has a terrible plot, there are literally 0 reasons Harry should've participated in the Triwizard Tournament.

    The majority of the problems came from the Goblet itself, not only does it have some stupid vague 'binding magical contract' but they didn't even bother to check if it applied to Harry. Sure, they most of them believed he was lying, but you're telling me the contract would apply even though he didn't do it? All he had to do was sit to the side and nothing would've (should've) happened.

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    'Prisoner of Azkaban' Is A Confusing Movie That Sometimes Doesn't Make Sense

    From Redditor u/everythinking:

    When I watched the movie before reading the book, there was a lot that just didn’t make sense to me. Why did he see a huge dog in the sky just because Sirius was an animagus? Why did a shining deer suddenly appear during the patronus charm? Why did Lupin try to protect Harry Potter from the boggart when he could clearly see it was a dementor?

    There’s a lot that I love about the film! But I just remember a feeling of confusion after having watched it the first time...

    From Redditor u/Wigiwami2090:

    It’s one of the best movies, but one of the worst adaptations.