'Harry Potter' Fans Are Pointing Out The Best Fan Theories About Muggles

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Muggles may not get a ton of focus in the Harry Potter series (who would want to read about regular people when there are wizards around?), but that doesn't mean fans haven't thought of a number of intriguing theories about individual Muggles and them as a whole. These Redditors shared their favorite fan theories regarding a few stand-out non-mag folks from the franchise. Please vote up your favorite theories regarding Muggles. 


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    The Killing Curse Sounding Like 'Abracadabra' Hints At The Violent History Between Wizards And Muggles

    From Redditor u/jodatoufin:

    There is a lot of thought behind the naming of the spells in Harry Potter. Forms of "high magic" for example have fancier, Latin names (Wingardium Levioso being an example), while simpler "household" spells have very common names (Reparo and Scourgify for example).

    So I don't think the naming of Avada Kedavra is by mistake. While I'm not sure on the entomology of the words itself (though Kedavra seems very similar to the word cadaver, which is fitting) I'm pretty sure it's intentionally similar to the famous magic word "abracadabra."

    What I think we're supposed to take away from that is that, in the times before the statute of secrecy, the interactions between Muggles and wizards were often violent and deadly. So much so that, even after the idea of wizards faded into mythology, among Muggles the killing curse became a thing of folklore. It was the one spell that came away as the "magic words." Granted, over time the pronunciation became bastardized from Avada Kedavra to abracadabra, but I think it's one of the few things that stuck among Muggle culture since the statute of secrecy.

    And if this is the one thing that has remained after hundreds of years, I feel like that shows a very violent past between Muggles and wizards. The Killing Curse was used on them so much that this was all the Muggles took away from them. They alone remained the "magic words."

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    Hermione's Parents Had Their Memories Of Her Wiped Much Earlier

    From Redditor u/Meear:

    The saddest one I've heard is that Hermione modified her parents' memories over Christmas in OotP (rather than just before DH starts, as is commonly assumed), which is why she broke off her skiiing holiday to come to Grimmauld Place instead. Hermione never does go home after this (that we know of), spending every holiday after that point with Harry and Ron.

    I quite like this theory, as it goes some way to tying up the 'how would the neighbours react to Mr. and Mrs. Granger forgetting their daughter' type plot holes if the whole family just never came back from their holiday. Still very sad for Hermione though, if she had to live with what she'd done for two years before she felt she could tell Harry and Ron.

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    Hitler Rose To Power With Grindelwald's Help

    From Redditor u/EquivalentInflation:

    Grindelwald used his supporters and magic to help Hitler rise to power, and manipulated him into attacking other wizarding nations, in order to weaken them for Grindelwald's world order.

    One of the first, biggest hints for this came from the Goblet of Fire, where we're introduced to the three major wizarding schools in Europe, hailing from the UK, France, and Russia/Eastern Europe. These three nations were the biggest targets of the Nazi war effort. In doing so, they likely managed to kill a number of wizards. We learn from Mr. Weasley that most wizards don't have the slightest clue how Muggle technology works. So, while wizards may shield their houses from apparition, they'd never think to shield it from an air raid. The war would kill a number of wizards, as well as creating mass panic and confusion. While it wouldn't be nearly enough to destroy the Ministry of Magic or other wizarding governments, it would throw them into chaos and weaken them, making it easier for Grindelwald to swoop in and take control.

    Read the full theory here.

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    Aunt Petunia Was Tortured By Death Eaters

    From Redditor u/gijabs2992:

    The theory is that the reason Aunt Petunia is afraid when Harry tells her and Uncle Vernon that Voldemort is back is because she experienced emotional and physical torture at the hands of the Death Eaters...Emotional torture from learning that they had tortured and killed her parents and physical torture to give up James and Lily's whereabouts.

    I also am inclined to believe that the reason Petunia wasn't killed is because the Order of the Phoenix (original) saved her from death on Dumbledore's orders after a tip off from Snape (he was Dumbledore's spy at this time). Which could explain how Dumbledore knew where Petunia and Vernon Dursley lived when he brought Harry to live with them. The final part to this theory is that Dumbledore's protection charm not only protected Harry, but all residents of 4 Privet Drive.

    Read the full theory here.

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    Muggles Won In A War Against Wizards

    From Redditor u/celeritas365:

    It is revealed that at the time of the fourth book the Minister of Magic was required to tell the Prime Minister that he was bringing a dangerous magical creature into the country (a dragon). Why would this rule exist? It doesn't sound like something the wizards would have made up. Their typical policy is to hide things from Muggles. This sounds like a rule we would make.

    Taking this a step further to the Ministry of Magic in general. Why is it called the Ministry of Magic? That doesn't sound like a name of a government. It sounds a lot more like the name of a department. They call the head of this government the Minister of Magic. People in the United States don't call the President the "President of America," and in Britain the Prime Minister is simply called the Prime Minister. Why is this distinction necessary when wizards don't even seem to know what type of government Muggle nations have?

    Furthermore, no elections are every mentioned. Where did this government come from? From where does it drive its authority?

    The most compelling piece of evidence is the fact that the wizards are generally lame now a days.

    Yes, Dumbledor is powerful, but compared to the Peverells, he is pretty weak. In fact much of his power came from one of their artifacts that now no one knows how to make. Even Nicholas Flamel could construct an artifact that no one was able to reproduce. The founders of Hogwarts and Merlin were powerful as well. What happened to the powerful wizards? Why do wizards not experiment with magic more?

    Read the full theory here.

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    The Dursleys Were Only So Terrible Because They Were Affected By A Horcrux

    From Redditor u/Iorith:

    We know from the Trio's experience with the locket, Ginny's experience with the journal, and the Gaunts with the ring that being around a Horcrux for long periods of time has severe side effects in regard to mood. It takes what is inside and makes it even worse.

    The Dursleys never wanted to take in Harry, and wanted nothing to do with the Potters. They take him in, and are now around a Horcrux constantly. Feeding him, cleaning him, dressing him. They're constantly exposed, day in and day out. This is going to take their already existing resentment and turn it into near hatred. They lock him in a closet as much as possible(similar to how the Trio put the locket in Hermione's pouch). After even multiple days, their mood lightens enough to unlock the door and once again be exposed to the effects of a Horcrux.

    One last bit of evidence is how the Dursleys seem to become slightly better people, even to the point of Dudley shaking Harry's hand, the less they see Harry as he gets older. They're recovering and healing.

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