Fans Are Sharing Obscure 'Harry Potter' Lore About The Series' Parents

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The parents in the Harry Potter series are often mentioned by various Hogwarts students but don't get a lot of their own book or screen time. Despite all that, many are still integral to story and there is a lot of lore about them that may have flown under the radar – until these Redditors started pointing them out.

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    Molly's Brothers Were Killed During The Last Wizarding War

    From Redditor u/SimonaBee:

    A few of my friends never realized that Molly's brothers, Gideon and Fabian Prewett, were in the Order, and that they died during the First War. They also didn't really catch that the watch Molly gives Harry when he turns 17 was really sentimental and pretty much saying to him 'you're part of this family.'

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    Harry Became Teddy Lupin's Godfather

    From Redditor u/Riorlyne:

    Teddy was raised by his grandparents though. Harry was just Teddy’s godfather.

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    Voldemort Tried To Recruit James And Lily

    From Redditor u/muted90:

    Both Lily and James were incredibly talented by the way. Slughorn says so about Lily and McGonagall describes James as exceptionally bright. They were Head Boy and Girl and seemingly were looked up to by other students. So, it's safe to say they were already well-known and well-liked before leaving Hogwarts. Voldemort tried to recruit the both of them as teenagers (and wanting to recruit a muggleborn should tell you just how talented Lily was).

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    The First Time Harry Saw What His Parents Looked Like Was In The Mirror Of Erised

    From Redditor u/kunkdaddy:

    Obviously deaths of characters hit the hardest but besides the deaths, to me it will always be when Harry sees his family for the first time in the mirror. He had never even seen a picture of them while growing up even though I’m sure Petunia had one somewhere. Not only his parents but his whole family. I always tear up at that part. It’s just so pure and innocent. Him recognizing little physical traits of himself in each of his family members.

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    Aunt Petunia Kept Harry's Baby Blanket

    From Redditor u/SpiritRiddle:

    Harry's aunt kept the blanket he was dropped off in until her death.

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    Narcissa Continued To Believe In The Pureblood Way Despite A Rough Upbringing

    From Redditor u/Evil_Black_Swan:

    Narcissa mourned the loss of her older sister, but still held fast to the beliefs she was brought up with. She made a respectable pureblood marriage like she was supposed to (though she did love him) and raised her son the way she was raised. She, along with her husband, raised Draco to believe he was nearly royalty. She only backed down from supporting Voldemort when he turned on her son. (Not dissimilar to how Snape only turned to Dumbledore after he learned his Lord would attack the woman he obsessed over.)

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