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13 Hilarious 'Harry Potter' Posts From This Week That Are Even Funnier Than The Weasley Twins

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The Harry Potter universe is full of fun characters, rich backstories, and beautiful scenery. It also inspires some seriously hilarious memes that would rival even the likes of Fred and George Weasley. Enjoy our favorite gut-busting posts from r/HarryPotter that definitely feel a little magical.

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  • 1. Even Google Is In Denial

    Even Google Is In Denial
    Photo: meansskinni / Reddit
  • 2. Cosplay King

    Cosplay King
    Photo: Mollusc_Memes / Reddit
  • 3. The Ministry Had SO Many Options

    The Ministry Had SO Many Options
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
  • 4. 'Harry Potter And The Year..."

    'Harry Potter And The Year..."
    Photo: Tumblr / Reddit