19 'Harry Potter' Posts From This Week That Will Add A Little Magic To Your Life

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We love perusing the Harry Potter-themed corner of the internet to find our favorite magical posts of the week, since we're basically still waiting for our Hogwarts letters so we can go to Diagon Alley. Here are this week's funny, insightful gems.

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    A Scene That Was Changed In The Movies

    From Redditor u/accioupvotes:

    What is your biggest pet peeve from the movies?

    Mine is 100% the scene where Snape calls Hermione an "insufferable know-it-all" in Prisoner of Azkaban.

    The movie has Ron lean in and say,

    “He’s gotta point, y’know?”

    However, in the book Ron sticks up for Hermione:

    “That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger,” said Snape coolly. “Five more points from Gryffindor for being an insufferable know-it-all.”

    Hermione went very red, put down her hand, and stared at the floor with her eyes full of tears. It was a mark of how much the class loathed Snape that they were all glaring at him, because every one of them had called Hermione a know-it-all at least once, and Ron, who told Hermione she was a know-it-all at least twice a week, said loudly, “You asked us a question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to be told?”

    The class knew instantly he’d gone too far. Snape advanced on Ron slowly, and the room held its breath.

    “Detention, Weasley,” Snape said silkily, his face very close to Ron’s. “And if I ever hear you criticize the way I teach a class again, you will be very sorry indeed.”

    -Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 9

    It’s just one of the many ways they changed Ron’s characterization in the movies to make him look like a massive jerk. I loved the idea of Ron and Hermione together and I feel like the movies just [ruin] their relationship and its nuance.

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    Molly Was A Real One

    Molly Was A Real One
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    Call Him By His Name

    Call Him By His Name
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    Beauxbatons's Portrayal In The Movies

    From Redditor u/comb_my_honey:

    Beauxbatons' weird portrayal...

    There has been a lot of discussion about the strange decision to portray Beauxbatons as an all-female school, but what's possibly even weirder to me is how in the GoF movie, their entrance scene basically implies they are all fairy-like, super attractive creatures, releasing butterfly-like sparks, emitting a kind of siren sound, getting a very strong reaction from the Hogwarts boys, etc.

    Fleur is the only one who is a quarter-veela, the only character to be superhumanly attractive because of her veela blood (well, Gabrielle too, but she's a child at this point), so to me it seems like the director just decided to make all the Beauxbatons girls basically come across as veelas, which takes away one of Fleur's most unique and cool characteristics... The movie made zero attempt to differentiate her from all her peers with no veela blood, despite it being a very defining factor of how others perceive her and behave with her in the books.