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The Most Magical Harry Potter Tattoos

Harry Potter tattoos tend to be clever, full of reverence, and enduring. Probably a lot more enduring than, say, a Minions tattoo or a True Detectives season two tattoo. Leave it to the diehard fans to come up with some of the most fantastic, clever, and impressive Harry Potter tattoo designs in all the magical and muggle worlds.

From Patronuses to depictions of Luna’s beloved thestrals, Harry Potter tattoos cover seemingly every inch of J.K. Rowling’s storylines. (Although there is a severe lack of Moaning Myrtle tattoos out there.) Nevertheless, touching, clever, and elaborate Harry Potter tattoos are literally etched into each wearer’s very being.

Potter fans have very deep feelings about the series that emerged from the pen of J.K. Rowling decades ago. They see their Harry Potter tattoos as a way to express themselves, feel connected, and identify with other Potter fans. They’ve drawn their Harry Potter tattoo designs from the book series and film franchise in myriad ways, producing some amazing Harry Potter tattoos. J.K. Rowling would be impressed.

Across an array of Harry Potter tattoo ideas and designs, some fans have chosen simple messages and symbols. Other Potter devotees have used their skin as a sprawling canvas the production designers and directors of photography of the films should appreciate. Harry Potter tattoo designs also pay homage to their Voldemort or their Longbottom side. Sometimes both. 

Which one of these Harry Potter tattoo designs would you get? Choose your favorites from this list of Harry Potter tattoo pictures and images and upvote your love for this amazing fictional world and its many inspiring messages.

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    Never Forget

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    A Masterful Hedwig

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    The Only Tinder Picture You’ll Need

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    Inside The Mind, Forever On The Skin

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