Harry Potter Fans Are Discussing The Teenage Nonsense That Went On At Hogwarts

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Vote up the most ludicrous teenage bullsh*t that happened off-screen in the Harry Potter world.

With all the threats of the Dark Lord throughout the series, it's sometimes hard to remember that Hogwarts was first and foremost a school with awkward teenage students. These fans of the series are wondering what kind of angsty bullsh*t went on off-page in the halls of the school.

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    Boys Getting Aguamenti Cast On Them Because They Refuse To Shower

    From Redditor u/Mycotoxicjoy:

    So many teenage boys being hit with the aguamenti spell because they are refusing to take a shower (I can kinda see why if you have some perverted ghost living in the showers and bathrooms creeping).

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    Students Hosting Wild Magical Parties

    From Redditor u/greenlightning:

    Wild parties where people use magic to "undrunk" themselves so they can drink even more and the insanity that ensues when those spells go wrong.

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    Tons And Tons Of Jinx-Related Pranks

    From Redditor u/Luckyboy28:

    So many pranks/harassment.

    When you can jinx somebody from across the room, and make them vomit slugs? That place would be packed full of a**hole kids.

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    Tons Of Empty Classrooms Means Couples Sneaking Off Together

    From Redditor u/jeffdmich:

    It’s a school with a hundred “empty classrooms” and abandoned spaces with hundreds of horny teens running around. I want to know more about wizard birth control. They’ve gotta have better sh*t than we do.

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    Couples Making Unbreakable Vows

    From Redditor u/Meepweep:

    Couples making an unbreakable vow to stay together and then either being miserable their entire lives or dying 6 months later.

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    Kids Trying To Modify Parts Of Their Body Insecurities

    From a former Redditor:

    I've always wondered what the limit to magical plastic surgery is. When Hermione had her teeth shrunk, she let Madam Pomfrey not only shrink them back to normal size, she also had them straightened. What is the extent of body modification available to people without having to go to a medical witch or wizard specialist?

    From Redditor u/PhazeonPhantom:

    It wasn't plastic surgery but recall what happened to Eloise Midgen. She cursed her nose off trying to cure her severe acne and then her nose was reattached off center (by Madam Pomfrey). One thing you pick up on reading the books is that magic isn't exactly precise unless great care was taken. Poor Madam Pomfrey was almost always depicted as being exasperated about what ever situation she found needing her expertise. Not exactly the greatest state of mind for concentration.

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