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The Cast Of 'Harry Potter': Where Are They Now?

Updated 26 Aug 2020 5.7m views78 items

When J.K. Rowling’s wildly-popular and bestselling Harry Potter book series was adapted for the screen, fans finally got to see their favorite characters in the flesh. The Harry Potter universe practically had a meltdown as fans lined up for hours outside of theaters – just as they had outside book stores – to see the movies based on the books they had come to love. The Harry Potter movies made stars out of their younger cast members and introduced all kinds of notable British actors to a new generation. So what's the Harry Potter cast up to today? 

The eight-picture Harry Potter run has seen the likes of BAFTA, Oscar, and Golden Globe winners, screen and stage legends, knights, and even a grand dame. You probably heard about Emma Watson's new duties as a UN Ambassador, but how about Luna Lovegood? What has she been in since Potter? And what about Neville Longbottom? Is he still a mousy looking, timid boy? (Hint: the answer is NO.)

Since the book and film series have come to a close, the Harry Potter actors have had plenty to say about their experiences on set, but what are those actors up to now? Let’s see if the Sorting Hat has been kind in real life.

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