Fans Are Pointing Out The More Horrifying Implications In The Harry Potter Universe

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The Harry Potter universe isn't necessarily the nicest place in the world but some fans realized how truly horrifying it can be. Readers and movie watchers have been pointing out times where minimal regulation or ancient traditions make the world of Harry Potter straight-up terrifying.


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    Souls Exist And Are Destroyed As A Punishment

    From Redditor u/willyolio:

    They have confirmed, empirical evidence for the existence of souls

    The general public is perfectly OK with the destruction of the soul as a form of punishment

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    Memory Charms Can Be Used Whenever And You'd Never Know

    From Redditor u/dont_let_me_comment:

    You could never really be sure if you've ever been a victim of a memory charm.

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    Avada Kedavra Is Probably The Most Humane Way To Kill Someone

    From Redditor u/iamnotparanoid:

    The Avada Kedavera curse is the most humane way to kill someone using magic. Any large scale wizard battle would have absolutely horrifying injuries on both sides.

    Remember when Harry lost the bone in his arm? Imagine if that happened to your whole skeleton while on a battle field. They can enchant glass to fly at you until you're cut to ribbons. They have plants which can constrict you to death. In the book it describes the bodies being laid out, yet they never say what the injured look like.

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    Love Potions Can Be Easily Abused

    From Redditor u/SymphonicStorm:

    Love Potions were handled way too lightly by the characters for the most part, which is strange because Rowling even explored the scarier parts of them with Merope and Tom Sr.

    You'd think that, knowing how they can be abused that way, love potions would be very, very, very heavily restricted and regulated, or banned outright.

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    Avada Kedavra Is So Similar To Abra Kadabra Because Muggles Heard The Spell So Much

    From Redditor u/Shigeru_Miyamoto:

    Avada Kedavra = Abra Kadabra

    The only spell that exists for the one purpose of killing, is also the spell that's deeply ingrained in Muggle culture. Which means that the Killing Curse was used enough around Muggles that its butchered pronunciation is used as a general "magic" sounding phrase.

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    Teenagers Can Make Unbreakable Vows

    From Redditor u/DerToblerone:

    Teenagers can learn how to make Unbreakable Vows, which will kill you if you break them.

    Let me say that again.


    Can you even imagine the number of loveless, hopeless marriages in the Wizarding World? Or the power that those vows would give a manipulative adult?

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