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19 Criticisms Of The 'Harry Potter' Series From Fans That Are Totally Valid

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While the Harry Potter series is beloved by many, it's fair to say that there are many fans who have some valid criticisms of the wizarding world and the characters we grew to love (and hate). Vote up if it actually makes a good point about the series!

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    The Marauders Were Kind Of Horrible

    From Quora user Rikza:

    Marauders weren’t that awesome.

    In fact, they were bullies. At least the leaders (James and Sirius) were. Peter had no spine, and Remus was too much of an introvert and in-debt of his friends to stop them. But it wasn’t right. He was a prefect. Like Harry, I felt for Snape in his worst memory. And I hated James for threatening to expose his underwear. Not everyone will agree, but it was s*xual assault and highly inappropriate.

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    Neville Should've Been The One To Kill Bellatrix

    From Quora user Grayson Kent:

    At the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville should have been the one to kill Bellatrix Lestrange. I have a couple reasons for this:

    • Harry got to kill his parents’ killer. It would only be literary catharsis to let Neville finish off his parents’ torturer.
    • The passage in the book says that Bellatrix is fighting against Luna, Hermione, and Ginny; it would be fitting for Neville, once the weakest member of the DA, to be the one to save his friends.
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    Why Not Use Veritaserum And Pensieves More Often?

    From Quora user Seowon Kim:

    Veritaserum and Pensieves: A huge plothole, if you ask me. Why not give Sirius, Harry, or Hermione Veritaserum to give them a chance in PoA? Why not give Harry Veritaserum to see if Voldemort really was back? Or why not take their memories to prove if Voldemort really was back or that Sirius really was innocent?

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    The Praise Of Gryffindors And The Neglect Of Slytherins

    From Quora user Carmen Olowu:

    The whole Gryffindor good, Slytherin bad dichotomy. No no no. None of them were particularly good, or particularly bad. They were children, and shouldn't have been told that their mere existence meant they had to be reckless heroes, or malicious villains.

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